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Topic: Who do I pick up?
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Joined: September 06
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Post Date: 10/03/12 06:14
League 1: 1 PPR

Available TE's: Olsen, H.Miller, Chandler, Gresham, Tamme
* not sold on Pitta. He killed me last week and really convinced that Big Ben wants to send Miller to the pro bowl. I am leaning toward Miller, good move?

Available DEF: NYG, Minny, STL, Pitt
*I like the Vikings this week so the question is stick with ATL or go with Minny or Ny vs a rookie?

Available PK: Tynes, Bryant, Graham, Gould, Novak
* Hartley is not getting many opportunities in the FG dept because NO is always playing from behind, is Bryant a good play this wk?


League 1: 8 team, Yahoo Standard scoring, 1 PPR
Start 2QB, 4WR, 2RB, 1Flex(@RBorWR), 1TE, 1PK,1DEF

QBs-Romo, Wilson, Eli
RBs-AP, Gio, Crowell, FJax, Hill, M.Asiata
WRs-Marshall, Cobb, Roddy, Floyd(AZ), Benjamin, J.Mathews, Wheaton
TE-Cameron, D. Walker


League 2: 12 team, Standard Scoring, 0.5 PPR
Start 1QB, 2WR, 2RB, 1Flex(@TE,WR,RB), 1TE, 1PK, 1DEF
**roster rules: must maintain 2 QBs,TEs,PKs & DEFs/4 RBs,WRs

QBs- Bortles, Brady
RBs- Murray, Ellington, J.Hill, P.Thomas, Sankey
WRs- K.Benjamin, DM.Thomas, Roddy, J.Gordon
TEs- H.Miller, K.Rudolph
PKs- M.Bryant, M.Nugent


League 3: 12 Team, Yahoo League, 1 PPR

 Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 10/03/12 11:17
TE: Olsen. He's the only one I'd drop Pitta for. I have been surprised with Heath Miller, but not sure I'd consider him a long term better option. But remember, none of these TE's are going to produce every week. They each will have their ups and downs. For just this week, I';d rather give Pitta the start over Olsen myself because of the matchup. KC: 10 pass TD's allowed; Seattle: 3.

Atlanta is a good defense, but I prefer the matchups for the Giants and Vikings. I actually like Giants most this week and would have problem grabbing and starting them.

Kickers are like the TE's. I like all these guys. San Diego can implode on the road and lead to many Hartley opportunities to have a solid week. Tynes is very good, so is Bryant. Happy with any of them. I slightly prefer Bryant though.
On any given Sunday any fantasy team can beat another, only to still lose Monday night.
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