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Topic: Line up analyzer
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Post Date: 10/04/12 05:39
Why is the analyzer not giving the best options. Last week it told me Lesean Jackson was not a good choice for me. All the other experts all week long stated how he was a great option for high points. I did play him againt what the analyzer stated and I am glad I did. He pulled in 18 pts. Why is the analyzer getting what everybody else is perdicting week after week WRONG! This has happened every week to me. Please let me know what I can do to get better info from it. Thanks
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Post Date: 10/04/12 05:53
Lesean got 0 points, Desean did pretty well though. Just kidding. You seem to focus on one player and the results of that player. On any week, with any expert, you can pick a player that they suggest you start or sit and they have a 50-50 chance of being correct. The value of this site is that it is right more often than it is wrong. In addition, the LA uses historical data adjusted for injury and other conditions which are difficult. Often a players performance is impacted by not only his injury status, but in this case by the injury to Maclin, which provided more targets to DJax. The other "experts" guessed right on thie impact of Maclin's performance on DJax, but my bet is that they missed as many as they got right.

Nicks and Hixon are an example this week. I see experts who are ranking Hixon very high and they are gambling that Nicks will not play. What happens if he does and you start Hixon based on those ratings?
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Post Date: 10/04/12 08:43
It's a tool and should be used as such. There are no guarantees made that the LUA will provide you with the "best players" to start. It will give you an indication based on algorythms. Not everything can be factored into this sort of process to provide you players that will hit every weekend.

I use it as an indicators as to which players I should consider starting. Sometimes I follow it, often times my starters aren't the recommended starters based on the LUA. I put a lot of stock in the opinions of owners who use the FFS forums. I think many points are brought up and some discussion occurs.

When in doubt, post a question(s) on a weekly basis. Tell us who the LUA would start and see if the others on the forum agree. It could give you some indiciations that could help you.

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