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Topic: Some Weeks Are Just That Way
 Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 10/09/12 10:58
You know, for the second week in a row I felt confident about winning in two of my fantasy leagues going into the Sunday night only to experience mind-numbing distraught after the final ticks of the clock Monday night went to :00.

Last week, I was down about 10 points and my opponent was played out. I had the Giants Defense/ST and Jeremy Maclin going in the Sunday night game. Turnover prone Mike Vick vs. my Giants; 0.5 ppr format helping me with Maclin. Felt so good about it I told my wife "Got this one in the bag".

Got a combined 3.2 points from Maclin and the Giants D. Lost by 7.

So this week I have a double whammy. In the exact same league, I'm down by 8 going into Sunday night and my opponent is played out. I have Jimmy Graham in the Sunday night game and Andre Johnson in the Monday nighter. PPR league. I didn't even expect the outcome to be in doubt after Sunday night.

I got a combined 2.9 points from Graham and Johnson. Lost by 5.

But wait, this gets better.

In another league, full ppr, I am down 24.45 points going into Monday night. My opponent, once again, was played out. I had both Arian Foster and Justin Forsett going (did have Tate in there originally but picked up Forsett last week as insurance and started him when Tate was declared inactive).

Forsett gets me 0.6. Not a big deal. Foster had me the win by a very slim margin going into the final possession by Houston, where they just needed to run out the clock. Foster's been tearing them up all night. He likely will gain a few more yards. The only thing that could prevent me from winning is if he loses more than 4 yards on the drive.

First carry: -1 yard

Second carry: no gain

Third carry: -4 yards

I wind up losing by .05 points. The equivalent of 1 passing yard.

Some weeks you just can't buy the break.
On any given Sunday any fantasy team can beat another, only to still lose Monday night.
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Post Date: 10/09/12 13:01
Wow....that's crazy....I supposed that is why they call it "Fantasy".

I recall being up by the slimiest of margins and would freak out as my QB either would spike the ball which was counted at least temporarily as an incomplete pass or he might take a kneel down for negative rushing yards. The next morning I would rush to the PC for the final point calculations.
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Post Date: 10/09/12 13:21
Yeah I think we have all been there. When you feel like that luck factor isn't going your way. When you have near the highest point totals in a league, but are still losing by small margins. I think we have all had those games where we were the 2nd highest scorer in a week, and you get beat by the 1st. Luck could easily be the difference between a 4-1 record and a 1-4 record.

But in the end you just have to hold your head up high, and if you had a good draft with a fundamentally good team...keep believing that luck with turn your way. A lot of the time it will.

Although you do have to keep in mind, did your team get beat by the other team having a player go off for 40pts or some of your players not performing? If its the latter its not luck that is your problem and you might want to think about some trades. If its as what is happening to you Russ, then I think you are alright to start praying to the fantasy Gods to turn around your luck.

I hear sacrificing a small pig, rotated on grill very slowly for 8-12 hours, while drinking beers with friends and family helps and pleases the fantasy gods. If it doesn't, you still end up with a ton of delicious pulled pork!
Gators, Blackhawks and Bears, oh My! Bear Down!
 Throwball Heroes_118522
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Post Date: 10/09/12 19:38
Frustration Football, who every said anything about "fantasy?"

"Bringing confusion and contradiction to YOUR post!"
"ISIYBITSI" -Russ Bliss
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Post Date: 10/09/12 20:16

It has been one of those weeks. I have to say Colston pulled it out for me or I would be looking at 2 close loses

The worst part of the week is losing two keys players on my teams. Williams and Benson. This after losing Hern. Just one of those FF seasons I guess.

I feel ya RUSS!!!! I FEEL THE PAIN!!!!
Football Freak
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Post Date: 10/11/12 12:13
Speaking of not going your way, just lost last week's match due to the Roethlisberger point change. Lost by 1.6 now instead of a win that I needed desperately. Also lost Donald Brown after a decent game this week and Amendola.
Gators, Blackhawks and Bears, oh My! Bear Down!
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