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Topic: Flex Help
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Post Date: 10/12/12 20:49
Shone Green, Vick Ballard or William Powel
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Post Date: 10/12/12 21:04
To me it comes down to Ballard and Powel as I just can't trust Greene anymore.

I think they are about the same but something tells me the awful Bills make a game of it against the Cardinals and force the Cardinals into throwning the ball more than what many people may expect. The Bills have good offensive weapons in Stevie Johnson, Scott Chander, CJ Spiller, and Fred Jackson and I think the Cardinals very tough upcoming schedules brings them from 4-1 to 4-4 in no time. Just my opinion as I'm not buying the Cardinals are any good. Look at what the Dolphins did offensively and the Rams to a certain extent all of which were teams that people thought stunk before playing the Cardinals. The 49ers destroyed the Bills but the Bills did put up a lot of points against the Patriots.

For that reason I start Ballard as I can't see the Jets offense putting up a lot of points which would force the Colts out of a balanced attack and Luck looked great passing the ball against the Packers and I think their ability to move up and down field somewhat could give Ballard one or two attempts close to the only concern is Delone Carter stealing a goaline TD but you have to roll the dice with someone.

I could also see Howling get some touches for the Cardinals and he is a much more dynamic player than Powel.

This is my hunch......
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Post Date: 10/12/12 21:54
Take the flier with Ballard
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Post Date: 10/13/12 04:58
Everyone loves Ballard. He couldn't beat out Donald Brown who nobody would start, but now that he is the starter, he gets a lot of love. Go figure, must be the match up. Just wonder if Donald would have gotten all this love if he wasn't injured?
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Post Date: 10/13/12 06:27
True O1P, but ARI running game has been terrible all around. Ballard isn't the best option, but it is a strong match up. I take the chance on Ballard over the Jets situation and hope for the best.

As for Brown getting this love, I think it would be a stronger case to start Brown, depending on options vs NYJ. He too hasn't been great this year, but has been improving his weekly numbers since week 2.

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