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Topic: Rule
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Post Date: 10/21/12 01:09
As a general rule in fantasy football, is it not good strategy to play 3 guys from one team on any given Sunday, or is it good strategy? Should a person always mix it up alittle bit? On my 2nd team I'm playing Freeman,Martin, and Williams.
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 Thomas _5045
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Post Date: 10/21/12 05:15
In general you don't want 3 guys from the same team, but when the matchup is superior, and in this case they are, and when bye weeks or injuries dictate you have few options, which is also the case here, you start the 3 from the same team and be thankful they have an excellent matchup
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Post Date: 10/21/12 05:27
You do what you have to do in order to field a full line up. If that means playing 3 (or more) from the same then, so be it. This can constitute throwing "all your eggs in a single basket" but when left with no other option, you take that risk and hope for the best.

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Post Date: 10/21/12 07:48
I've done it before and I generally don't like to but its usually fine. A few times it did backfire because it wound up being a low scoring defensive type game.
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Post Date: 10/21/12 07:58
Not desirable, but sometimes necessary. Just be glad you have a good match up.
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Post Date: 10/21/12 09:20
Not so bad if the 3 players are example: Brady, Gronk, Welker but it the 3 are from Jacksonville and not MJD then probably not...LOL
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Post Date: 10/21/12 14:30
I play Brees, Sproles, and Moore every week I can and it has served me well. They had a combined 53.18 in todays game. :)
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Post Date: 10/21/12 22:32
It works in some situations, but would mainly only do it against bad defenses or if its your only option.

It worked out pretty well for me today, thanks to Russ and Tricknickle who suggested it. I had Spiller, Jackson, and Johnson all going for the Bills. Won my match and I still have Cutler and Hansen playing tomorrow.
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Post Date: 10/22/12 14:04
Ive been riding the ATL: Ryan, Jones, Gonzalez train this season and it has served me well... except week 6.
James The Mod_4852
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Post Date: 10/22/12 15:53
A great example is yesterday: I played S Johnson, and both F Jackson and Spiller on one lineup only because I knew that the Titans defense was awful and would give up a lot of fantasy points.

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