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Topic: Roster Moves
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Post Date: 10/23/12 14:43
Would you drop Avery or Hawkins? Also, do you think it would be smart to pick up Starks since I have Green? Seems like the coach isn't happy with Green. Thanks!
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Robert The IDP Guru_9600
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Post Date: 10/23/12 15:44
I would drop Hawkins over Avery. As for picking up Starks, does it really matter who Green Bay has in at RB? Actually the question should be, why does Green Bay even employ a RB. I had Cedric Benson and he did nothing for me until he got hurt and I was able to drop him at that point.

Sorry, just being sarcastic, there is just not alot out there at RB on the waiver wire.
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Post Date: 10/23/12 18:40
I agree with Robert, 1st down pass, incomplete or short gain so you go RB on 2nd down, then 3rd down pass, either incomplete or 1st down and then you start the cycle over again. Doesn't take much to figure this out. There are not many RB's that could survive on this team!!!!
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Throwball Heroes_118522
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Post Date: 10/25/12 08:09
I woudl grab Avery and drop Hawkins. I don't waste my team with any of the other RBs in GB. Benson was the best they had and they used him fairly well, but I can't see the same being said about Green or Starks.

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