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Topic: Which QB do I start
Membership: Bench Warmer
Joined: November 08
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Post Date: 10/30/12 19:54
In a standard scoring league. I can either start Freeman vs. Raiders or Rivers vs. Chiefs. Im leaning towards Freeman. Any opinions
James The Mod_4852
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Post Date: 10/30/12 20:33
Freeman. I don't know if he can keep up the torrid pace, 9 tds in his last three games, but Rivers is just plain lousy this year and really misses V. Jackson.

FFS Moderator
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Post Date: 10/30/12 21:11
Agree, ride Freeman while he's hot.
Gators, Blackhawks and Bears, oh My! Bear Down!
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Joined: September 11
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Post Date: 10/31/12 06:31
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Joined: March 07
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Post Date: 10/31/12 06:47
Just wish I had the option with Brady on Bye. Freeman is your start, unfortunately, Rivers is my start.
Start 1-QB, 2-WR, 2-RB, 1-TE, 1-WR/RB/TE, 1-K, 1-D

12 Team PPR League 0.25 pts/completion 1 pt/rec 1 pt 10 yds rushing & receiving 6 pts TD, 1 pt 25 yds/ passing 4 pts passing TD, -2 fumble, -2 int
ray d.c._109290
Membership: Retired
Joined: September 09
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Post Date: 10/31/12 19:33
Non-PPR:Start 1-QB ,2-RB,2 -WR,1-TE, flex WRT ,K, Def
QB: Eli Manning ,Brock Osweiler
RB: Zeke,L.Murray,M.Gordon,R.Jennings
WR: Allen Robinson,K.Allen,JohnBrown,T.Sharpe
TE: Dewayne Allen,Jesse James
K: Adam V.

Membership: Retired
Joined: August 07
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Post Date: 10/31/12 19:45
Had to look a long time to find Rivers! Freeman's matchup is a whole lot better.
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Membership: Retired
Joined: August 10
Total Posts: 31
Post Date: 10/31/12 23:50
The Trend is your friend! Stay with the hot guy, Freeman would be my call!
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Joined: November 05
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Post Date: 11/01/12 08:58
freeman is hot, rivers is coming off a very bad game, but plays kansas city always a ggod game points wise at home. i go rivers today.
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