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Topic: Turner/Harvin for Richardson/Titus Young
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Post Date: 10/31/12 12:47
I was offered Richardson and Titus Young for Turner and Harvin...yes/no?

My lineup...




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Post Date: 10/31/12 19:49
I don't make it, I like how much harvin is involved int he offense. He gets WR and rb reps. Turner touches the ball a ton and with their receiving corps defenses can't fill the box on him.
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Post Date: 11/01/12 05:39
Usually trick and I agree, but not on this one.

Richardson is a significant upgrade at rb and Turner will lose more touches to Rodgers later in the season. The decision comes down to the delta between Harvin and Young versus Richardson and Turner. Ponder has regressed some and is struggling, although he may recover. Young has the better QB and you know that the Lions will throw. Megatron has to have more than the Madden curse impacting his play and may not be as healthy as the Lions claim, meaning that Young is even more valuable.

With Marshall, Brown, Moore you can afford the gamble at wr, so I like getting the upgrade at RB. I'd make the trade.
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Post Date: 11/02/12 11:18
I agree with 1putt. I don't like Turner at all- his skills have diminished and I think the Falcons will finally realize that and use Snelling and Rodgers more. I hate to give up Harvin, but Min has a brutal schedule and they rely much more on the run than Detroit.
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Post Date: 11/02/12 13:55
I say do the deal as well. T Rich has so much upside over Turner that it buffers the downgrade from Harvin to Young.
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