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Topic: What players are no longer "studs".
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Post Date: 11/01/12 10:09
Every year players fall out of and move into stud status. Seems to me that this year, the exodus from stud status is much higher than in years past. Many of the studs are missfiring and do they really belong in stud status for the rest of the year?

Here's a list of bubble studs. It would be interesting to get input from everyone about their perception of the status of these players. For the sake of this post, let's define stud as someone you start regardless of match up. I am only listing the players who might be in jepordy of being no longer a stud,

Fitzgerard - looks like he might be a match up play

Megatron - most likley still a stud but a couple more poor outings and that may change

CJ0K - match up

Run or Walk McFadden - ?

Charles - is it him or the coaching

Rivers - definitely not a stud any longer

Cam - ?

Nicks - can't stay healthy and when he does?

Dez - not sure he ever was a stud

Baltimore D

Steeler D

Andre Johnson - stud or not, on too good a run O team

Stafford - match up play now?

I'm sure I left our some. Feel free to point them out.
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Thomas _5045
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Post Date: 11/01/12 10:51
Great topic! My thoughts in order:

Fitzgerald: Matchup play, but only with comparable solid starting WR's. Not sitting him to play Nate Washington any week.

Megatron: Barring injury he plays every week. He's due for some huge games and is too talented to not produce.

CJnotOK: Definitely a matchup guy, but his better games have come against his tougher matchups. We'll learn a lot about him this week as it's a bad matchup. If he produces well, just might get back to "must start" category.

McFadden: Matchup play. NOT a must start.

Charles: Can go off against anyone, but only if the coaches give him the ball. Light years better than Hillis, but the coaching staff makes him a risk. Close to a must play, but not quite.

Rivers: Matchup play.

Cam: If he doesn't produce this week against sorry Washington's pass defense, he becomes a fantasy backup the rest of the season.

Nicks: When healthy, he's a stud. He's not healthy. Will have some big games, but unless he stays healthy, will be a weak play. Right now, a matchup play.

Dez: Was never a stud and consistently overrated. A matchup guy.

Baltimore D: Not what they once were. Matchup play defense.

Steelers D: Totally different without Palomalu. Mathcup play.

A. Johnson: He's in the same category as Fitzgerald

Stafford: I think he's in for a big boost the second half of the season. As he goes, so does Megatron. But he's not amongst the elite must start QB's. Just usually a whle lot better than most.
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Post Date: 11/01/12 12:31
I agree, good topic. Unfortunately many of these players were high draft picks. Irregardless of their "stud" status I think in some cases you still have to start that players. Case in point, and I knew this going into the draft, Larry Fitzgerald. He was the best available in round 3 when I drafted. The following round, Andre Johnson was the best avialable. I did not like the choices I was presented, so I drafted these two players.

This year has not been their year, but that was a risk I took when I drafted them. I can't sit them. I don't have a better option off the bench to replace them, so I must run with them even though they are not producing like they did in seasons past.

I do agree both should be on the list though. Again, it's a team by team decision as to IF they should start or not.

Megatron still retains his "stud" card. I think we gotta look at the QB situation before fingering Megatron as the reason why he isn't posts stats like he did last year. Unless you want to take a risk sitting him in favor of a lesser WR, I would continue to start Megatron. Of the 3 WRs mentioned so far, I have the most confidence in him going off.

CJ2K, DMC and Forte I consider similar, but none of them are producing well. All were arguably round 1 picks, if not early round 2. DMC is healthy, but just not posting good total yardage number of finding the endzone very often. He has been active in the passing game (29 receptions). As much as we like to talk about Forte being a good PPR back, he only has 18 receptions on the season and has carried the ball 100 times year. Of this group, it's Chris Johnson who has been the biggest disappointment. Through a year and a half of football he has been terrible more than he has been in "2K" fashion. Some of that on the team being in transition with a young, inexperienced QB, but he just doesn't look like the back he once was.

At QB Rivers has been the biggest disappointment, but I finger Norv Turner and AJ Smith for not addressing off season problems. I'm sorry Robert Meachem and Eddie Royal as the wideouts to throw to? Come on! The majority of the receptions in SD go to the RBs, not the WRs or TEs. The team is struggling and I have no problems benching Rivers for any other option at this time.

Cam Newton I is struggling with a case of the "sophomore blues" as we have seen it happen in years past. I suspect CAR will turn around their season next year. As for now, I still consider him a stud, because of what his potential is when the football is in his hand.

The second half of the season might bring some changes to some of the aforementioned players. As we get deeper into the season these could be more difficult decisions to make. For me, I gotta continue playing these once studs since there isn't much in the way of productivity from other bench players I have.

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Post Date: 11/01/12 16:20
Add Antonio Gates to that list. I am regretting ever drafting him.
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Post Date: 11/01/12 19:01
If there was ever a year to argue always play your studs, this is it! In one league I traded away my top 2 picks for 2 top ten WR's have been doing fine ever since(CJ and AJ)
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