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Topic: Analyzers
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Post Date: 11/27/12 13:59
So if I run my lineup analyzer, that has my WR's for this week in the order of JUlio Jones,Cobb,Shorts,Hilton,Blackmon,Alexander,Fitz,D.Moore. If I run the performance analyzer for the week...(out-perform,perform,under-perform)....that analyzer has my WR's in the order of Julio Jones,Fitz,Alexander,D.Moore,Shorts,Cobb,Blackmon,Hilton. So with one I start Jones,Cobb,Shorts.....with the other I start Jones,Fitzgerald,Alexander....very confusing. Which one do I go by?
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Post Date: 11/27/12 14:33
I go by the total projected points. I've seen it explained before that the red and green confidence factors have something to do with the amount of matchup categories within the algorithm that are favorbale or not for the player. But it's the points projections that are the final indicator. That's how I understand it anyways.
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Post Date: 11/27/12 20:10
I would just go by who has the best matchup and the best QB throwing to them!
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