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Topic: which RB and which WR would you play?
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Post Date: 11/28/12 08:43
Im in PPR league. Would you play Reggie Bush or Ryan Mathews for week 13? Ive got Bush in right now, but he is up and down with points. Mathews steadily gets 8, but thats really not alot... let me know what you think..

Then, for WR spot. we have 3 we have to put in. I have Dez Bryant, Percy Harvin, Danny Amendola, Chris Givens, and Brian Hartline. Im starting Harvin and Dez (as long as they arent injured). I normally start Amendola whenever he is playing.. They are playing San Fran this week.. Howver Givens did great last week (last couple of weeks to be honest). Hartline has decent games and plum shitty games. They are playing Pats lousy secondary.. Should I go Hartline, since they will probably be down alot that game? Who would you go with on the third spot?
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Joined: September 12
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Post Date: 11/28/12 10:59
damn, no input at all?
Jai - BagAss Ballas_106092
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Post Date: 11/28/12 11:24
Patience my friend.

I'd say bush. I know its hit or miss, but the chargers worry me for any player on that team

DEZ, Givens (tough matchup), and hartline.

Obviously I would take havin and amendola but too banged up to risk in my opinion

I might even see whats available on the wire. There are a few new commers putting up numbers in the past few games.
Membership: Bench Warmer
Joined: September 12
Total Posts: 21
Post Date: 11/28/12 11:54
so you think I should sit Harvin even if he plays? Hmmm. thats tough to do :)

I think Im going to go with you on the Bush advice though. Plus, the Fins are my my team.

Im basically a shoe-in to get into playoffs after this week. its just a matter of possibly jumping from number 4 to the number 2 bye spot. I need 2 people to lose and for me to score 14 more points than one of them. PS, sorry about my impatience. lol, i sit at an office with my fantasy sites up all day. So i stare at the screen hoping for instant gratification. In case knowing my team makes any difference. Here is what Im working with..

QB: Peyton Manning

WR: D.Bryant, P.Harvin, B.Hartline

RB: R.Bush, B.Brown

TE: J.Witten

K: Matt Bryant (Damn he pissed me off last week, we have it set where you lose points depending on the distance of field goal, so he ended up with 0.00 on the dot)

Defense: Seattle

Defensive player: Derrick Johnson

Bench: Givens/Amendola (WR), McCoy/Mathews (RB), N.Bowman (IDP), then I have Ray Lewis (Im fixing to drop him for another Defense, that Im undecided on yet. Defenses get changed alot in our league, so somehting good is always available)
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