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Topic: Seattle. Are you kidding me?
Throwball Heroes_118522
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Post Date: 12/09/12 18:33
I totaled 48 points from SEA today and it won me the game. Anyone ride SEA to victory in the playoffs?

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Post Date: 12/09/12 18:41
Hoping to. In our league they were worth just over (40). I'm in a tight game with players still left to play on Sunday and Monday Night for me and my opponent.

If I don't have them I would stand no chance of winning as certain players for me did a fraction of what I expected this weekend.

Fred Jackson....benched Sproles.....which was probably the right thing to do given Sproles up and down production.

AJ Green...some (44) yards and no TD's. I heard he dropped a pass that coud have gotten him in the endzone.

Jimmy Graham some (56) yards and no TD's. He's been average the last three games.

Hoping for the best as I go for a "3-Peat".
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Post Date: 12/09/12 19:04
Surprisingly no. Any other week I would have. Tynes and Seattle outscored my entire team combined. Everybody was laying eggs for me today. Bryce Brown, Jimmy Graham, Ahmad Bradshaw, Lance Moore, Givens, etc. I still have a long shot tonight with Stafford, but he is going to have to get me 23 in the snow at Lambeau.

My opponent must think he dodged a bullet, with 40 from a Def.
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Post Date: 12/09/12 19:12
Glad to hear for both of you! Opposite side of it for me. 52 points for my opponent and I lost *sigh*. Didn't help Brees & Colston were a bad tandem to play. Rest of my players did as well or better than expected and I thought I'd win until SEA got going! And here I was debating on VJax and it should've been Colston I had concerns about! Oh well, that's the FF goes...
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Post Date: 12/09/12 19:13
I dropped Seattle when eveyone said they were losing 2 DB's and they wouldn't be worth anything....... THe guy that picked them up in my league was laying goose eggs up to that point too.Now he's ahead for awhile anyhow. Damn I would've made the playoffs with Seattle. Guess I should've waited for the actual and learn.
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Post Date: 12/09/12 19:22
That what I did too. Dropped them and picked up the Bengals.
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James The Mod_4852
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Post Date: 12/09/12 19:49
Getting by butt kicked in my high dollar league earlier but now I am up 30 points because of Seattle's D. He still has Rodgers, Cobb, and Hernandez and I have S Graham on Monday night.

So, I am hoping for a blizzard tonight in Green Bay. But at least Seattle's defense gave me a fighting chance.

I had to play a gimpy S. Johnson and Chris Givens today because all of my other receivers are hurt. But I have AP and Spiller and If I can luck out and win this week then I will have Spiller without Jackson next week who is hurt bad.

So, I am crossing my fingers tonight. Come on snow storm!

FFS Moderator
Membership: Bench Warmer
Joined: August 10
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Post Date: 12/09/12 21:44
Despite the epic scoring by Seattles defense for me it's not looking good after deciding to bench Sproles in favor of FJax. Plus my opponent had solid product from his RB's and two of his WR's.

I would need my kick Gostkowski to get me (10-12) and for Brady to have an off day and only put up some (20) or less points. Well see.....but not liking my chances.
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Post Date: 12/11/12 09:56
I posted earlier (Nic on here responded with the same dilemma). Had to choose between Seattle and Denver. I'm a Seahawks fan, so I didn't want to be biased but I know they're tough at home and with Dumb & Dumber at QB for the Cards it just seemed like the Cards didn't have a prayer. The analyzer said Broncos...

... I went with my gut and chose Seattle. The only time my gut was right so far this season, lol - but it was when it counted as it got me into the playoffs.

That said, if anyone has them this week, be careful. If the Bills move the ball on them, it will most likely be through Spiller out of the backfield.
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