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Topic: Fantasy Playoffs Advice
 Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 12/13/12 09:35
I should have posted this last week so forgive me for not being as on time as I should be, but with fantasy playoffs going on and owners scrambling to make crucial lineup decisions, I figured better late than never.

Most of us are in our fantasy playoffs and this means the end of the road in our quest to be fantasy champions is in sight.

Not everyone can make it to their fantasy playoffs. That's just a fact. And while I know there are many whom we here at STARTERS have helped thru our Analyzer tools, our SMART Alerts, these fantasy football forums, etc. I also know there are some who missed it, and we did not help. Again, that's just a fact that no system, or person, or group of persons will ever be right all the time in their fantasy football projections and advice. To those, I apologize.

But for those who have made their playoffs: congratulations! Now is the time to bear down and get to the prize. Now is the time when every lineup decision made is analyzed, and scrutinized, and poured over, sometimes painfully. Our obsession is sometimes amusing to watch.

Every year I write an article about how to handle your fantasy playoffs weeks. In it I spell out my simple rule: "Dance with who brought you".

By this time in the season you know who your core players are. Injuries have upset the balance again this season, but you still know who on your team is reliably putting up solid fantasy points almost every week. But how do you deal with your stud players who have the tougher matchups now that we're at this critical time?

What I do is categorize my roster of players into groups. Each player is categorized as either a stud, reliable, inconsistent, or scrub. After I do this, it becomes a lot easier to choose a starting lineup during the fantasy playoffs.

I play my studs regardless of matchup. In week 15 I am not going to sit Tom Brady to play Brandon Weeden just because Brady faces the 49ers second toughest fantasy pass defense while Weeden gets Washington's second worst fantasy pass defense. Every year, I will start my best players; the players who more weeks than not are responsible for me being in the playoffs, rather than roll the dice with an inferior player with a better matchup. Does this always work out? No. But I feel better knowing I've started my studs and lost, than I would feel if I sat my studs and lost because I second guessed their standings as being the best players on my team.

So when should you consider the matchups?

Consider them when you don't have a stud to start at a position. Move on to your reliable players, and determine the best matchup from them. If you don't have enough reliable players to insert into your starting lineup, move onto the inconsistent players. Certainly at that point, you have found your best matchup and best player to insert into your lineup.

And remember, no matter how much prep you do, no matter how good your team may be, or you feel that they are, in the end, there can be only one final winner. Only one who walks away with the fantasy championship in each league. And sometimes, no matter what you do, no matter if you make all the right lineup decisions, it's not going to be you. Winning in fantasy football is a combination of preparation and luck. By categorizing your players you are doing the best preparation you can do. But it's up to the players to go out and perform at a higher level than whoever your opponent has on his team.

Good luck to all! Because remember: fantasy football is about preparation and luck. And good preparation puts you in the best position to win, but good luck will trump it every time; and bad luck will stomp your good prep into the ground.
On any given Sunday any fantasy team can beat another, only to still lose Monday night.
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