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Topic: Mendenhall....keeper worthy next year?
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Post Date: 12/15/12 10:05
I just picked him up, only because he's a possible keeper. We don't announce until our draft, next year. Our league allows two keepers each year. With Mendenhall, I'd get him in place of a 12th round draft choice. Just one year ago, he rushed for nearly 1,000 yards, 9 TDS, and a 4.1 average. And, he's only 25....injuries/suspensions, I know it's a gamble. Does anyone here have any insight into Mendenhall. Do you think it's likely he'll rebound next year?
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Post Date: 12/15/12 15:39
Hard to say, who are your other possible keepers and what rounds would you have to give up?
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Post Date: 12/16/12 09:15
It's too big of a gamble, I would not hold Mendenhall. Maybe the off season will give him more time to recondition that knee. It was interesting to see just how he, ADP and Charles came back from injury this year. Why the big discrepancy with Mendy, who knows. It just seemed he rushed back before he was actually ready. As for next year, I think we need to see how the off season goes. The chances of a player coming back to what they once were after an ACL is minimal. Charles and Peterson have responded amazingly this season after injury.

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Post Date: 12/16/12 10:22
Mendy is likely to be somewhere else next year as the feature RB for whatever team grabs him. I think this was a good move. And if it doesn't pan out for him in free agency you can always just drop him. But you potentially get a starting RB for a 12th round pick and that's always worth the risk in a keeper league
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