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Topic: CHAMPIONS! Let's here about it, TIME to BRAG!!
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Post Date: 12/24/12 16:56
What threw you over the top? Was it the draft, or a key pickup, or a trade, what made you a genius this year?

Mine was grabbing Alfred Morris in all 3 of my leagues after the draft and before the season started, gut feeling!!!!
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Throwball Heroes_118522
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Post Date: 12/24/12 17:21
Morris was wire gold this season. Nothing really put me over the top, so to speak, but rather guys like Brees, R. Bush, Decker and SEA defense getting hot when it counted. Finally a bit of luck that went MY way.

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Post Date: 12/24/12 20:56
Trusting in Marshall back with Cutler. Also, I had Peyton and drafted RGIII which I parlayed into Foster. Though the latter almost cost me the title.
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All td's are 6pts

rec= 1/5 yds, 1/catch, 5 bonus/100yds
rushing= 1/5yds, 1/ 5 carries 5 bonus/100yds
qb= 1/20yd
Return Yards 1/10yds
QB's= Kapernick, Vick
RB's= Foster, Bush, D. Williams, Mendenhall
WR's= B. Marshall , D. Bowe, C. Shorts, J. Gordon, Thompkins, Stills, Hopkins
TE's= Graham, Gronkowski
D= Bears
K= Heatly

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Buffalo Blzzard_77859
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Post Date: 12/24/12 21:25
Draft was big for a core of all my teams. I also passed on TE in most leagues, drafting Witten and heath Miller very late in all leagues. I dont think we will ever see TE go in the first round again!

I think next year you will see more "stay at home" draft with RB at a premium! All three leagues that I was in, the guy that won had the top seven player that Russ referenced earlier in the draft!
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Philly Phreak_77455
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Post Date: 12/26/12 11:39
Drafting Matt Ryan, Ray Rice, Doug Martin, Tony Gonzales, and picking up Cecil Shorts and Garcon late off the waiver wire. One major key to me even making the playoffs was the 62 point outburst from Doug Martin earlier in the season. If he does not have that type of game, I would not have made it.
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RB: Gore, T-Rich, L. Miller, F. Jackson, J. Stewart
WR: D. Thomas, A.J. Green, A. Jeffery, R. Randle, D. Hopkins
TE: Ertz, Ebron
K: Tucker
DST: Panthers
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1pt per 10 yds rushing or receiving

Start: 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1FLEX(R/W/T), K, DST.
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Post Date: 12/26/12 13:04
Drafting C.J. Spiller 11th round really helped me out this season. Also my plan to draft Brees, Sproles, and Moore usually accounted for the majority of my points each week. I think my best ww pick up was Eric Decker who cracked my starting line up for the majority of the season. I also rode Marcel Reeses hot streak but I owe my season to Drew Brees and Marshawn Lynch! If not for them I woudn't of stood a chance.
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QB: Peyton Manning
RB: C.J. Spiller, Darren McFadden
WR: Eric Decker, Torrey Smith
TE: Heath Miller
W/R: Justin Blackmon
K: Alex Henery
DEF: Denver Broncos

BN: Steven Jackson, Pierre Thomas, Andre Ellington, Hakeem Nicks, Dwayne Bowe

Standard Scoring, No PPR
Double Dogs_9247
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Joined: September 06
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Post Date: 12/29/12 20:59
For me its was having Brees as my #1 qb and having RGIII on my bench and i traded him for Calvin Johnson in week 11. Also put a lot of stock in to Dez Bryant this year and he was smoking hot the 2nd half. Overall just a great year for me Defended my title for the 3rd year in a row won 2k started the season 1-3 and finished 13-3
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