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Topic: A collapse for the ages
 Ram Mas_5910
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Post Date: 12/26/12 08:30
I began my first-place run in my High Points league in Week 3. At my redraft after Week 8 where I was able to keep up to 5 players, I was up by 85 points. Two weeks later, I was up by 180...and then came the collapse.

After Week 14, my lead had dwindled to 20 points--mainly due to the shotty Mike Williams/Denarius Moore second-half projections I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that listed them both as Top 20 WR's for the season's final 8 weeks.

A week later, I was in fourth place after I scored a whopping 84 points when I was projected for 165.

After the final week, I was in 5th place. The biggest collapse in our 15 year history was stamped and sealed.

My team failed to meet it's projected total from the Lineup Analyzer in each of the final 6 weeks of the season, lol.

On the flip my head-to-head dynasty league where I finished the regular season with the 8th highest point total....had I started Bradford over Safford in Week 15 (LA had Bradford by 0.5 pts), I would have won that week and I would have won the following week for the League Championship.

So in one league I got screwed for taking Moore and Williams as projected Top 20 WR's to be my #2 and #3 guys at the position but in the other league I screwed myself for not taking Bradford vs. the Vikings.

Thanks for the fun and see you all next season!
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Post Date: 12/26/12 08:36
Yes the joy of fantasy football and the ability to realize that if you had started one player over another that the outcome of your entire season would have played out differently.

Glad for myself that when I did the "what if senario" that no matter what I did I wasn't going to win the competitive (10) team league I play in for a 3rd consecutive year.
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Post Date: 12/26/12 18:14
Yep, last yr. started the season 6-0, started counting my money. Wound up backing into the playoffs at 8-6 lost in the first round??
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