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Topic: Need help answering a problem with my teammate!!
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Post Date: 07/24/13 13:38
Guys I have a question that I hope you guys can help me out with so I dont lose a friendship over. Here is the deal. I have a friend that is partners with me in a league for the past 3 years. I asked him if he was interested in partnering with me 3 years ago. Now in the 3 years that we have been drafting (of course injuries are partial blame for our loses), we have not made the playoffs in any of those years. When we draft we disagree on almost every pick , which causes a stir on draft day between us. He is a Vikings fan so he doesnt want to draft guys like Rogers because they play them twice during the season and doesnt want to root against him and so on. We do talk strategy on the phone a few times before the draft, and of course like any league the draft doesnt pan out like you planned.

Anyway, so when the season ended last year I told him that I was done with him and that next year (this year) I was taking the team by myself. He states that I have to buy him out (which the only money he has invested is his half of the entry fee every year). I dont want to be a complete jerk, but told him that Im doing the draft by myself, but he states that he is going to go to the draft and draft with me. I did tell him when the draft was (which is on a Sunday) and he said that he is bringing his daughter which is 7 years old. I am trying to be a nice guy here, but:

1-This is my team and feel that I can remove him anytime I want
2-You dont bring your child to a draft unless you absolutely need to (which I am giving him a months notice to find a babysitter.
3-I hate arguing with him at the draft when others are waiting for us to pick.
4-Another member in the league is dating his ex wife, so this gives him more of a reason to be at the draft.

I know this sounds like a soap opera, but I need some advice so I dont lose a friendship. Would it be easier to just buy him out? Thanks
James The Mod_4852
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Post Date: 07/24/13 15:15
I think the friendship sounds like it's lost already. It sounds like too much drama for anyone and my advice to you would be to quit the league.

I used to be in a work league about twenty years ago. I was new to fantasy football so I was cutting my teeth so too speak and playing with experienced players. About the 5th year of the league, I had won it two years in a row and I found out that the commish.. made deals with two of the coaches to not trade players with me but only him during the season. They were close friends of his.

He wanted to win so bad that it had kind of screwed up his thinking and I realized that he indeed had an unfair advantage over the rest of the coaches. I sent all of the coaches an e-mail explaining why I would not be returning the next season.

It was just not fun to play with someone like that. Too much drama and life is too short to put up with immature people.

I suggest you be the bigger man and quit the league and leave the drama to your partner. There are plenty of other leagues you can get into.

FFS Moderator
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Post Date: 07/24/13 17:02
This sounds like a league you enjoy playing in? If you are the oringinal owner you should be able to opt him out. If not if a spot is available in the league, one of you should take it over. Personally if friendship hinges on fantasy football???? Get the point! I co-own a team with my best friend and we argue about every position, but when draft day comes we are on the same page and we pick the players that are good for OUR team, not who we cheer for!

But draft days are never convinent for everyone! In my main league we all have families and we like to have a good time at the draft, but if someone has to bring a family member they are caring for that day, so be it! As long as they are at the draft. Unless they are planning on getting drunk and driving that family member home!

To me, so far as friendship goes that point should never be an issue!

But if he's just hanging around because someone is dating his ex-wife(and thank you for all the info) if you can't just opt him out, the league needs to vote him out and the Commish can make that happen.
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Throwball Heroes_118522
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Post Date: 07/25/13 08:19
Friendship over fantasy. Whoever originally owned the team should get to keep it.

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Philly Phreak_77455
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Post Date: 07/25/13 08:54
These are the type of reasons to be solo from the start. Good luck with your decision either way.
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Post Date: 07/25/13 12:41
First off welcome back DOUBLE P!

Yea there is no way this whole issue should be part of a fantasy football league...Glenn makes a valid point (first time ever BTW...kidding) If friendship is going to be based of a fantasy football team...not sure you need it. I think the far better reason for his insistent s is the ex-wife part of this drama.

Healthy argument debate I don't have an issue with (for the most part) it's solved with a time limit on picks.

THERE IS NO BUYOUT IN A 50/50 PAY AS YOU GO LEAGUE thats assine! All in all kinda of a mess I would not subject my owners to all of this at the draft, so I think it's best resolved prior...if buyout solves the issue (depending on the amount) in order for peace and harmony I can accept that but your friend seems like a bit of a "tool" so my trick knee tells me if you buy him out he is still rolling to the draft...the ex-wife thing!

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Post Date: 07/26/13 13:34
what's his ex-wife look like? is she smart and fun? maybe you should be seeing her - that might not solve the fantasy football problem, but will likely end the "friendship".

it's not the ideal situation, but it is a solution, somewhat?
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Joined: July 12
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Post Date: 07/31/13 10:29
Thanks guys. You all have valid points as I am still laughing. I continue to let him know that he is not going to be part of the draft, but he thinks that I am joking with him. I am still debating on what I should do and thought about this. Since this is my league and can kick him out at anytime, I was thinking of going to the draft, let him pick the players, and if he doesnt make the playoffs (top 4 teams in a 12 team league, 3 divisions and 1 wild card), then he will be removed, reimburse my fee for this year, and I will be on my own.

As for his ex-wife, I havent seen her in awhile but not bad (still trying to figure out how he ended up with her haha).

I wish you all the best this season, and when I respond next year on here I may not have a friend.
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