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Topic: PPR/2 Keepers/ 10 man league
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Post Date: 07/30/13 08:26

I've recently heard that this forum contains intelligent, insightful discourse on the subject of Fantasy Football.

I've been playing in a league for 5 years. I won the championship the year that I skipped the draft and auto-picked Drew Brees, but it was my slick trades for Vincent Jackson and Victor Cruz that held me through.

When I subsequently failed to keep Drew Brees (I missed the deadline to set keepers) I lost badly. My whole draft was blown, and my 2 actual keepers (MJD and Welker) did what they did at the start of 2012 much to my chagrin. I traded my way into a WR1 option, and had a solid corps but injuries pretty much killed me by mid season, even winning out didn't pull me over the top.

Now in 2013 I'm in a quandary. I've got a few top options to choose from for my keepers, and going off 6th.

I have a tendancy at the late rounds to draft low end starters as my backups, avoiding handcuffs but having a lot of risk/reward and big decisions every week depending on the matchups. I'm averse to this, and going for a better scene this year. My draft of Fjax and Spiller last year kind of sucked, but I think in 2013 that Spiller with Fjax as a handcuff is a no-brainer, but I can pick up Jackson pretty late in the draft.

So for one of my keepers, I'm going with the overall ranked, 25+ touches projected, Mr. Yards after contact himself, CJ Spiller.

My second keeper pick is a toss up for me. It's a PPR league with 1 pt per reception. I have Brandon Marshall and Alfred Morris, with Randall Cobb, Wes Welker, Tony Gonzalez, and MJD all potentially capable of delivering solid seasons, if not exceptional ones. I've also got Andrew Luck on QB - if this was a dynasty league I'd be thrilled.

I think even in PPR that Morris is a solid RB - and let's face it - the distinction between top 20 RB and top 40 RB can be pretty steep. Spiller and Morris lock down that position nicely without fail, and I don't need to worry about whether to start either of them dependant on matchups.

The same can be said for Marshall, and in PPR it doesn't matter what the new offense is, if he's on point he's going to catch a ton of footballs, for a significant amount of yardage.

Maybe I'm attributing too much to my loss of Brees, but the guy who got him in the first round, had an otherwise unimpressive draft and won the season, with many of those games being won based on Brees high point output. Worse, in corresponding weeks when I lost by a small margin, Brees would have put me over the top with or without the keeper I kept. It was maddening.

That said, i'm having a terrible time choosing my second slot, I'd like some input from people who are, you know - not in my league. I suspect their advice is loaded.Pretty please?

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Post Date: 07/30/13 15:17
Marshall was the # 1 WR in fantasy football in systems that gave 1 point per every 10 yards receiving and 1.0 PPR. He even beat out Megatron last year in total points.

Morris was great last year but is not a PPR syle back. Plus, with the Shanahan's, two bad performances by Morris might just land him on the bench.

The Bears will try and get Alshon more catches, but Cutler's security blanket is Marshall and I have no doubt that he will be a top# 3 WR in PPR.

I would not hesitate keeping Marshall over Morris. The Chemistry of Cutler and Marshall on the field is simply amazing.

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