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Topic: Are these RB rankings right???
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Post Date: 07/31/13 14:31
Ran the analyzer based on 12 team PPR and it ranks Richardson as the third best back. Above Charles, Rice, Foster, and McCoy....Are we really thinking his numbers will be higher than the mentioned above? If I follow the E-Book Strategy it tells me to take the highest RB ranked (1-18) and at pick 4 and 5 Richardson will be there no doubt. Do I divert from the E-Book or stick to it and take Richardson????
James The Mod_4852
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Post Date: 07/31/13 16:20
I ran my PPR scoring system and it shows T - Rich in the # 3 spot as well. Just take in account that the total points projected at are very close in RB's from the 2nd slot through the 8th slot.

This is where your knowledge of the game and players come in. But I can tell you right now that I would rather have Charles then T-Rich. Charles is just more explosive, and has a better team around him.

Both have injury concerns. T-Rich is very talented on a bad team but the lack of offensive weapons was most likely why he was slightly rated this high. In other words, he will be the major focal point of the Browns rushing and passing offense.

It's a close call, but I would rather have Charles this year by a nose. The pistol offense the Chiefs are running could have Charles playing the WR position often. No way to tell for sure if the coach will do this, but if that happens, it spells PPR gold for my money with Charles.

My top 6 RB rankings go like this in PPR:







I am giving Rice a major bump because Flacco has no one to throw to now that Boldin and Pitta are gone. Look for the glory days of the Ray Rice we knew a couple of years ago to come back strong in PPR.

The rankings are just a tool for you to consider and use. You must trust your own judgement in the end on draft day. Just try and consider other factors rather than the ranking list when choosing your players if you are not sure.

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Throwball Heroes_118522
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Post Date: 08/01/13 08:52
TRich falls high when I add in PPR points to my calculations as well, but I am not high on the Browns offensively, just like James said. I would rather draft Charles as well, as I have him ranked higher.

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 Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 08/02/13 20:54
Don't discount Richardson in PPR. He caught 51 passes last season playing through various minor injuries. Add in an offense that while known for throwing the ball downfield (Norv Turner's) it also has produced over 120 RB receptions in each of the last 3 seasons while in San Diego. Even if give a modest 50% to the RB who will play 80% of the offensive snaps (T-Rich) that still makes for 60 receptions. And since he's a power RB who gets goal line carries (only 4 RB's had more rushing TD's; only 3 more combined TD's), I think underestimating Richardson is what a lot of people are doing.
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