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Topic: Drafting Software Help
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Post Date: 08/13/13 13:53
I am not sure if this is the right place for this topic but everyone here seems to be really honest and I am hoping to get some honest feedback.

Do any of you drafting software? If so, which do you prefer? I have used PC Drafter and Draft Analyzer ( with the latter having so many bugs that I couldn't use it last year. I want to make sure I am using the best draft tools available. I love the site and all the great information I get. I will be a member from here on out.

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Post Date: 08/14/13 07:39

After numerous years searching, locating and testing an array of drafting software I find FF Starters to be more than adequate as I've missed the playoffs only once in eight years, 5 title games three titles, I am very comfortable using the Tier Ranking's in a Value Based Drafting method. As the first to market the Analyzer product line and the success of the products has led other's to try to mock our products Wonder where they came up with that one?
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Post Date: 08/14/13 10:50
cale, i'm just a championship package member, not a moderator nor associated with FFS in any other way.

the draft tools here are excellent and have used them successfully over the past 4 years to get into the playoffs every year since i started using including 2 championships.

they're simple with no bugs, customizable to your league's unique scoring system. i use the tool to develop my tier sheets for drafting.

the only downside i see to it is that in developing the tier sheets the software doen't identify a players team.
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Joined: September 12
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Post Date: 08/14/13 16:25
That is excellent feedback and I think I will roll with the draft tools here. You know, to be honest, this is an awesome site and well worth the money. I used the lineup analyzer last year in 6 leagues and it worked out very well. I find most of the other sites don't do their homework/research like this one does and I am grateful to have found such a great resource.
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“I am advancing to the championship game in both of my leagues and I believe a lot of the credit goes to those of you in this forum and the many tools that we have access to”. (Ron 3 year member)

 “This site greatly helped me make it through this year in both my leagues and all the great help from other members thanks very much fellas!” (Courtney first year member)

 “I am hosting one league on as well. Personally I thing there projections are way out of sync and have been less than reliable. I completely ignored them all year and instead took input from the LA at FFS which has proven to be much more accurate”. (Hooked 5 year Member)
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