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Topic: Target to trade for J.Cutler?
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Post Date: 08/13/13 16:38
Trying to move Cutler, but don't know who to target. My backup is Locker. My full team is below. I'm trying to keep my starting 3 running backs Foster, Richardson, Bush. Any advice would be helpful.
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Post Date: 08/13/13 17:00
Cutler has little trade value. So good luck there.

You have some great PPR backs. WR's are weak. S Johnson will be a major bust. James Jones should be good early, then taper off once Nelson gets healthy.

I think the only thing you can do here is trade a RB.

I think I would leave this lineup alone though. Cutler might be better with a healthy WR # 2 to throw too.. Decker is going to take a big hit and the only way you can get value is to give up one of your top RB's for a top QB.

You can float Foster and Tate for a QB and a WR? Just a thought.

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Post Date: 08/13/13 19:14
In a 16 team league, I like your team and would stay pat for a few games and see how Culter does. Or list FA QB's, but in a trade you would have to giveup to much!
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 Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 08/17/13 20:32
I'd try to move Foster and Locker for a QB like Matt Ryan, Matt Stafford, Tom Brady, Colin Kapernick, Cam Newton. You need a better starting QB and I'm afraid, and this is just a guess on my part, we've seen the best of Arian Foster and he won't retain value for long.
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