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Topic: Auction Keeper league...who do I keep?
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Post Date: 08/15/13 19:37
I have my auction draft coming up and have to keep one guy. Its a $200 draft budget so who ever I elect to keep will get deducted from my budget. It's a 4 points per passing TD and a PPR league. Which one would you guys keep?

Ray Rice $52

Tony Gonzalez $10

Stafford $9

Ivory $4

D. Jackson $4

Bernard Pierce $3

Fred Jackson $3

Britt $2

Thanks for your help!
James The Mod_4852
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Post Date: 08/15/13 19:54
This is between Rice, Stafford, and Gonzalez. Stafford and Gonzo offer your best value. However, if you are in a PPR league, you have to have a top PPR RB to compete. And Rice and Pierce are slated to both have productive seasons. If Rice gets hurt, you can rely on Pierce, who suddenly becomes a top ten back. You will have to bid on him again but that would take care of 50 percent of your backfield. They both might have big roles and you maybe could spot start both of them together in some games if you win the bid for Pierce again.

Stafford is due for a breakout. Bush will make Stafford better.

I feel that Gonzo is very overvalued. Almost every fantasy guru ranks Gonzo the third or fourth best TE out there in PPR.

With the addition of Steven Jackson, receptions for White and Gonzo will take a big hit. I can see Jackson getting 4 to 5 receptions a game. Most fantasy guys predict Jones, White, and Gonzo will get 80 catches. That won't happen!!!!!!!!!

So, I still think you should bite the bullet and grab Rice. With no one to throw to except Smith, Rice and Pierce become the focal point of the Ravens short passing offense.

FFS Moderator
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Post Date: 08/15/13 20:00
I appreciate the feedback James! I am thinking Rice as well. Ivory was also intriguing for me but then again he plays for the Jets and it might be a RBBC there.
 Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 08/17/13 21:04
I like James's breakdown here but I would keep Stafford. He just represents the best value. If you throw each player back into the pool, what is more likely: you get Rice or a comparable RB for $52? Or you get Stafford or a comparable QB for $9? Maybe in your league you would get a comparable QB for that price; only you know how the other owners in your league execute their auction strategies and how the players get valued. But I think Sattford is just too much of a steal to pass up at this price compared to Rice being almost exactly at the price you'd spend on geting him again even if you didn't keep him.
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