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Topic: Draft Help
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Post Date: 08/18/13 19:29
Hi. My league is very similar to the standard setup in the championship guide, except:

- 14 teams instead of 12

- 0.5 point PPR


I draft 8, which I am actually pretty pleased about. In this years draft I think 2-6 are horrible positions, particularly when there are so many teams.

I am thinking that it's an absolute no brainer to go RB RB in first two picks. I am hoping to get Trent at 8th pick - but might be a stretch...

With my third pick, do I go for a dog bleep RB or WR? There might just be a Mendenhall or BJGE or something left at 36th pick. On the basis that someone takes 1-3 WR and Rodgers/ Graham by then.

Any other advice?

I am thinking I need some real strong sleeper RBs. I don't see much posting here on the site about late round flyers at RB.

Many thanks.
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Post Date: 08/18/13 19:44
I agree with going RB, RB unless somehow on the turn with your 2nd pick or 21st overall a stud WR like Dez or Marshall is there then I "might" consider it but again I would be inclined to go RB, RB since the WR depth is so good.

With the 3rd pick if you go RB, RB I believe you have to consider WR or QB if somehow which I doubt Rodgers or Brees is still on the board otherwise I tend to believe going best available WR will be the choice.

Sleeper RB's/or later round I like:

Ben Tate-Not a sleeper but I have no confidence in Foster and the news that came out today will make Tate even that more valuable. I would love Tate in a (14) team league as a bench RB

Daryl Richardson-Again not a sleeper but good depth in a 14 team league.

Giovani Bernard

Joseph Randle-Dallas Cowboy rookie

Pead or Stacey as well in ST Louis

Vick Ballard-Ahmad Bradshaw's backup as I'm not sure anyone believes Bradshaw will play all (16) games in 2013

Joique Bell-Back up to Reggie Bush.

Fred Jackson-CJ Spiller is a dynamic player but can he last a (16) game season????

Some random names since in a (14) team league your bench will be so important since no one team will have it all after draft day. However, I believe there is plenty of quality late round WR's that can be had but that the same can't be said about RB's.
James The Mod_4852
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Post Date: 08/18/13 19:49
HI Andrew,

In all of the PPR mocks I did this year, Richardson went # 8 or # 9 so he might be there. So, he is a no brainer.

Since you have 14 teams, I would try and go RB RB, but if the talent is not there, pick up a WR.

No idea about the third pick but since you have to flex an extra player at TE/RB/ and WR, I am sure you should forget about TE and just concentrate on best available RB or WR.

Late round fliers are Woodhead, Richardson has been going in the 6th to 7th round and I am sure he will start for the Rams. Both will catch a ton of passes. Ballard since Bradshaw can't stay healthy. Tate, especially since Foster is still injured, Pierre Thomas will catch a ton of passes if there is any injury to Ingram or Sproles.

Bernard Pierce will get a great deal of playing time since he and Rice and Smith will be the entire Ravens offense.

My favorite though is Bernard Giovani. He has lightning speed and will catch a lot of passes for the Bengals. Think of Sproles on PEDS and you have Giovani.

I would not even touch the Bronco backfield.

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