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Topic: Did I do ok?
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Post Date: 08/29/13 11:05
12 team. All TDs are 6pts, even for QBs. 1pt for 10 rush/rec yards. 1pt for 25 pass yards. 6 pts for 100 rush/rec yards. 6pts for 300 pass yards. 1pt per reception for WRs and TEs ONLY. Start 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex.

QB: M. Stafford, B. Wheedon
RB: T. Richardson, M. Lynch, S. Jackson, A. Brown, D. Woodhead
WR: T. Hilton, Stevie Johnson, Mike Williams, L. Moore, D. Hopkins
TE: R. Gronkowski, B. Pettigrew
D/ST: Browns
K: D. Akers

There was a crazy run on WRs in the early rounds. I chose not to follow it.
James The Mod_4852
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Post Date: 08/29/13 13:29
You are way too weak on WR. You have no WR #1 anchor at the position. I suggest trading one of your RB's to get one.

The rest of the team looks good.

FFS Moderator
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Post Date: 08/29/13 13:40
Stafford has shown he can put up big numbers... just hope he can stay upright to do it again... wheedan is a shot in the dark... but a good one.

Your RBs look good... Trich is a stud, lynch is a stud, SJax is the most undervalued RB this year... top 5 RB when the seasons over... imo

WRs are a little scary... Johnson looks to have a good year, Williams should improve(hopefully), Hilton, as most rookies will probably srruggle, Moore as we've seen in the past has a tough time getting the ball at times

I dont trust gronk in any way... yes he WAS a stud... but the guy has had way to many surgeries for me to draft him... and Pettigrew should suffice until gronk comes back and after he exits again...
Bench-J.Flacco, G.Jennings, D.Hopkins, A.Bradshaw, J.Simpson, D.Baldwin, L.Bell

Bench -R.Wilson, E.Sanders, J.Franklin, H.Nicks, L.Bell, M.Ball, I.Pead, W.McGahee
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Post Date: 08/29/13 14:55
Thanks guys! I know my WRs are pitiful, but about half the league went WR-WR-WR with their first three picks. Randall Cobb was picked in the second round and was the best WR available when he was picked. I've never seen a run on a position like that. I had to go with the value at RB.

Also, because everyone passed on RBs such as mine, and took #1 WRs instead, I doubt they would go for a reasonable trade offer. Gotta wait and see I guess.
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Post Date: 08/29/13 17:30
Wow -- Holy Great Running Backs Bat Man!!

I agree. You probably picked 3-5th. Taking Richardson was fine. Getting Lynch and S. Jax next two round should have never happened, so you HAD to do that. Being able to flex S. Jax each weak will make up for not having a true WR1, in my opinion. Oh, and TY Hilton will finish in the top 12 WRs this year, in my opinion. Steve Johnson will really really struggle. He was hurt just the other day in practice -- saw it. His hammys again. Mike Williams is your play, as I see V. Jax losing a step this season and teams loading to stop the muscle hamster.

Yes, you are weak at WR. But super duper loaded at RB and absolutely did the right thing in the draft. Come time for FF playoffs, those 3 RBs will be carrying you. and if Gronk is healthy by then, you will be very balanced.

Need another D to play matchups though.
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Joined: October 06
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Post Date: 08/29/13 18:03
I actually picked 8th. I do plan on swapping my D/ST every week based on matchups. I have a lot riding on Gronk's health it seems, which is scary. Thanks for the input!
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