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Topic: First time ffs user weird league settings plz help
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Post Date: 08/30/13 15:26
Looking for some advice on a unique league. It is a 12 team league. We start 1 QB, 3 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 Def, 1 K and have 6 bench spots.

My 1st question is does the FFS draft tool take into consideration the scarcity of a position? Does it realize that there aren't enough RBs to go around and puts a higher value than normal on them with the draft rankings?

I am also looking for thoughts on draft strategy. This league is so much different than any other I have ever played and I have not done well. How would you draft?

Background on the League

First difficulty is 12 teams means 36 total starting RBs without considering bye weeks. RBs always seem at a premium. Someone is going to be starting second stringers since there aren't 36 teams. Once bye weeks kick in or injuries start happenig you may be starting 1 or more backups every week. It's not uncommon to be trying to decide if you start Jacquizz Rogers or Kendall Hunter in the 3rd RB spot. Yuck. So it seems like I need as many RBs as posisble, but maybe this is a flawed thought since there are still a lot of change of pace backs and RBBCs out there.

Second interesting tidbit is that QBs get 1 point per completion, 1pt per 20 yards passing, and 6 for TDs. In the past couple years guys like Rodgers, Brees, and possibly some of the other top QBs have gone in the first round. An elite consistent passing QB can get you a LOT of points each week. 60, 70, and sometimes more can happen. Low end QBs seems to still get 30-40 points. This point per completion devalues the rushing QBs (I think).

The last curveball is that you can only pick up 1 player via the waiver wire after week, 2,4,6,8,10,12,14. This is done in order of the standings at the time. This makes injuries crippling. It also makes you decide if you draft a backup TE, Def, and K so that you don't have to use your waiver wire pickups later on to grab one (or have to play your DEF even if it is on a bye week). You could consider grabbing a DEF, TE, and K that all have the same bye week and just tank that week. This waiver wire setting makes your draft exponentially more important. You can't fix mistakes later. You have to pre plan for bye weeks. Do you make sure you grab your RB handcuffs? Do you grab all 3 handcuffs and just forget about bye weeks? This waiver wire setting with a short bench creates the majority of the strategy in my opinion.

Oh and there are no playoffs. The winner of the regular season through week 17 is the winner.

And then probably a a stupid option... I haven't mentioned WRs mainly because there are so many of them and so many can have a good or bad week that they seem least important. But with the way this league shakes out with RBs and QBs going fast and furious, you could buck the trends and maybe grab Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant, and Brandon Marshall with your first 3 picks and have the best three players at 1 position. (maybe even grab Jimmy Graham in round 4). Of course the RBs would be abyssmal by then and you would probably have to draft all RBs with your bench and hope for injuries. I'd likely be looking at my RB1 being someone like Bernard Pierce or Danny Woodhead by round 5.

My previous strategy for this league was to draft 3 RBs right off the bat. Then start grabbing some WRs. Wait on a QB as long as possible, but try not to let it slip past someone like Matthew Stafford. I don't want to end up with a guy like Ben Rothlisberger as my starter, but there seems to be so many decent QBs anymore that maybe I can wait longer on the QB spot (or maybe go QB super early to try and get a guy like Brees). Then I try to grab a TE, Def, and K with late in the year bye weeks so I can deal with them later. If I have a good record then I probably don't need to replace an RB or WR. If I am having a bad year by week 8-10 then it probably doesn't matter too much if my Def is on a bye week and I have to start them anyway.

Should I still go RB early and often? seems like the smart choice, but damn I haven't been in the top half of this league ever. Last year I was terrible, but mainly because I was plagued with injuries.
James The Mod_4852
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Post Date: 08/30/13 16:12
I think with these scoring rules I probably go with QB RB in the first two rounds, then anchor WR in the third, then Rb in the fourth since the QB position is so important. I would try to target Peyton Manning since they will be playing in a hurry up offense most of the time. He will be getting a great deal of completion points.

FFS Moderator
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Post Date: 08/30/13 16:56
Thanks for the insight James. For reference the draft analyzer for the top 12 projected QBs is kicking out - Name (Fantasy Score):

Brees (869) P. Manning (868) Rodgers (852) Stafford (815) Romo (805) Brady (802) Ryan (783) Luck (713) Kaepernick (704) Griffin III (703) E. Manning (701) Newton (688)

The biggest drop off is after Matt Ryan (QB7).

I suppose if I don't get a pick in the first half of the first round I may miss out on one of the top 3. I suppose if that happens I shoudl go RB and then try to get Stafford, Romo, or Brady before they disappear.

11 points per game between Brees and Newton is a big spread. That can easily take the place of a WR2, TE, Def, or Kicker each week. I hadn't thought of it this way before.

The difference between Peterson RB1 (314) and Reggie Bush RB12 (230) is a much smaller margin.

Assuming there aren't 6 QBs taken in the first round I may be able to grab someone like Ray Rice and then Stafford and be pretty happy.

Thanks this helps thinking / talking it out.
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