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Topic: Russ's Super Sleeper of the Year?
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Post Date: 09/23/13 14:57
Attn: Russ

In seasons past you had given us a couple early to mid in season WR sleepers. These guys included Mike Sims Walker and Miles Austin before anybody knew these guys. Is there one or a couple guys that you feel should be on your bench that are most likely on the waiver wire?

Thanks Russ for the help!
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Post Date: 09/25/13 07:55
I remember picking up Austin and helping me win my one and only championship that year!
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Post Date: 09/26/13 22:21
 Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 09/29/13 05:28
Here are a couple of guys

Aaron Dobson: Great situation and the only one of the Patriots WR's who can blow the top off coverages

Jonathan Baldwin: 49ers are desperate for someone to step up opposite Boldin and with rookie Patton out for a while now with broken foot, it really is Baldwin competing with himself.

Dwayne Harris: The annual hammy injury for Miles Austin is here again and while rookie Terrence Williams gets the start this week, he drops too many catchable balls. I think if Austin misses real time, Harris (who's injured this week) stands a chance to surprise opposite Dez Bryant.
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