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Topic: One fact/thought on your favorite team
 Ram Mas_5910
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Post Date: 09/25/13 18:50
Thought it'd be cool if we got some FYI's on each team that might not be common knowledge. I'll start with my Rams with something that displays the complete incompetence of their OC Brian Schottendinger..... The Rams haven't scored a first-quarter point in 9 games. Pretty tough to win games when you're playing catch-up every week. How inept do you have to be? When most (if not all) teams script their first 10-15 plays every game and your script hasn't produced jack since Week 12 of last season? Get out of town, Schottendinger....and take the DC from Detroit we got with you.

And why in the bleep would you hire the Lions' DB's coach to be your defensive coordinator? How many TD's did they give up each year on his watch? Pathetic hires, Jeff Fisher. Just pathetic.
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James The Mod_4852
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Post Date: 09/25/13 19:14
Good post Mas. I will put a sticky on this for a few days.

Dallas Coach Jason Garrett still can't manage the clock in close games. In week # 2 against Kansas City in the fourth quarter with 3:50 seconds left and down by only one point, they started burning all of their timeouts. Jamaal Charles then went right up the middle on consecutive plays and the Cowboys could not stop them. The Dallas radio announcers were all over Jason for doing this way too early.

Another thing to watch out for is the Dallas defense almost always shows up at home games and looks great only to go out the next game on the road and look horrible. They play with too much emotion and not enough maturity.

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Throwball Heroes_118522
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Post Date: 09/26/13 11:36
The Norv Turner-less Chargers are no better than last season. They continue to age still can't find a running game and don't have a #1 WR. Thankfully Gates is healthy, but is now on the downside of his career and no longer the force he was a few years back. Injuries to the offensive line continue to plague the Bolts (1-2) and effects both the passing game and running game.

Defensively, the Chargers are last in the NFL in yards allowed per play (7.0) and last in yards allowed on first down (7.8). They are 31st in pass defense and 28th in rush defense. With 27 points allowed per game, they rank 23rd. Chargers are 26th in sacks per pass play.

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Post Date: 09/26/13 11:56
The Cardinals are who we thought they are!
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Post Date: 09/26/13 18:14
Hey, the Saints have a Peyton back on their team, I don't have any complaints right now!!
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Post Date: 09/28/13 22:31
Andy Reid is 2-0 vs NFC east up next NYG
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Post Date: 09/29/13 14:04
When the Panthers outscore their opponents by the end of regulation they win all their games!
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