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Topic: Question Marks... Again
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Post Date: 10/15/13 21:47
Hi Russ,

I am having a problem I ran into last year in one of my lineup analyzers where the kicker's points are being calculated as question marks. It doesn't make sense to me why this is happeningas the points have been calulating fine all season and I have not touched the settings. Could you take a look into this for me please?
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Post Date: 10/16/13 23:25
I am having the same problem. I can't make it work right. Any help?
 Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 10/17/13 17:15
Questiona marks appear when you have set a yardage bonus length of a TD or FG with a minimum yardage range of "0". Since no offensive TD pass/rush/receive or any FG be from a minimum of 0 yards, it creates an anomaly within the algorithm.

I went in and looked at both your teams.

For Steve, I didn't see the question marks and looked over your scoring systems for your teams and you must have figured this out as there are no scoring plays with a yardage range min of 0. Howevr, if you get 4 pts for a FG between 40-49 yards and 5 pts for 50+, you'll want to change your bonuses to 1 for 40-49 and 2 for 50-99. As it is right now, you've got the system assigning 3 pts for every 1 FG and then giving a 4 pt bonus for 40-49 (making those projected in that range to be worth total of 7 pts) and the 50-99 getting a 5 pt bonus (making those worth a total of 8 pts). I didn't make this change for you in case this is what your leagues do (I;ve seen it before).

For Daren, I noticed the question marks and made the yardage min changes. I also made the changes for the lengths of FG bonuses so they should be set correctly.

Whenever you see anything that is clearly not right like that, it is almost always traceable to an incorrect setting on the scoring system page, but sometimes it isn't. Never hesitate to contact us at via the contact us link at the very bottom of every page.
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