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Topic: Cox Starting
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Post Date: 10/21/13 16:48
Contrary to the Alert sent out on Friday, Michael Cox is getting the starting nod over Peyton Hillis. It will likely be a comittee attack, but I'm hoping that Hillis performs better than Cox and gets more reps since I picked him up instead of Cox in case Jacobs got ruled out . . .
 Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 10/21/13 20:35
Actually, the following is EXACTLY what I wrote and it was on Saturday after the Giants injury report came out (as Jacobs had practiced in limited fashion on Thursday and Friday, but was held out on Saturday):

"(Jacobs) is officially listed as Questionable for Monday night because of a hamstring injury. The injury wasn't considered serious earlier in the week, but 31 year old RB's don't heal up the way younger ones do and now he is being called a potential game time decision. It could be that even if active, he'll be in a bigger time share with Peyton Hillis and/or Michael Cox than many would expect. Jacobs is a very high risk consideration this week given that his status for the game won't likely be known for sure until Monday night. We'd recommend either keeping Jacobs on your bench, or acquiring Peyton Hillis and being ready to swap him in for Jacobs if Jacobs doesn't play. We give Hillis the edge over Michael Cox, as the Giants have had every opportunity to get Cox involved in their offense and at every chance they find a reason not to."

If you notice, I didn't mention who was starting or who I thought was going to start. Just who I believed would end up being the better fantasy play between Cox and Hillis, and even giving a reason why I thought that.

Then today, on the first of TWO alerts sent out, I wrote:

"Reports out of New York say that (Jacobs) is very questionable to play tonight after aggravating his hamstring injury on Friday or Saturday. If you were planning on him being in your starting lineup tonight we hope you followed our advice in our Saturday alert about Jacobs and acquired Peyton Hillis as it looks like Hillis is likely to handle the bulk of the load tonight if Jacobs doesn't play. You can expect another alert later today about whether Jacobs is active or not."

That Hillis was going to handle the bulk fo the load comes from following over a dozen different NY and national media sources that have the pulse on the team. Yes, I had heard that Cox was likely to start, but given the way the Giants have been avoiding giving him a role I figured they probably would again even if the options were him or someone they signed a few days ago.

I don't mind anyone griping about alerts I write up and send out as being wrong, or being bs. I get plenty of things wrong and am right here to take blame for it. It's part of the biz and I have carried my share of blame for being wrong for 20 years. However, it certainly isn't me trying to be wrong on purpose and secretly laughing at everybody (I'd love to hear one good argument as to why I would do that despite the consistent criticism).

But I do very much mind when someone tries to attribute something to me that I did not say or write because they decided to take liberties with the facts.
On any given Sunday any fantasy team can beat another, only to still lose Monday night.

Membership: Retired
Joined: August 07
Total Posts: 624
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Post Date: 10/21/13 22:20
Was not trying to gripe about your alert Russ, was just posting it so everyone knew. I never saw any alerts to my email today, but I was slammed with work so may have overlooked it. Nonetheless I was not complaining in any manner, and apologize if that's the way it came across (which upon me reading over it, I can understand). Anyways, I don't have any complaints . . . I was just posting it since I didn't think I got an Alert today . . .
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