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Topic: Stay Away from the Raiders Backfield?????
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Post Date: 06/15/14 10:00
I know it's early and much more will be know once the preseason starts but would you as of now even bother trying to figure out who to take when it comes to a Raiders RB in MJD or Darren McFadden or would you rather take a flyer on:

Terrance West-Ben Tate's Backup


Khiry Robinson-Rookie RB/Saints

Right now these four seem to be bunched together with about the same ADP in (10) team leagues.
James The Mod_4852
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Post Date: 06/15/14 16:20
West will get a load of carries with or without healthy Tate. Tate is already banged up in OTA's. LOL! But, do you want to put your trust on a Brown's Rb?

But I would put my money on MJD over McFadden.

The prediction here is who gets hurt first? My money is on McFadden.

This is a great question though. I think Schaub will be getting passes to both MJD and McFadden.

My choice would be MJD then West, with McFadden last. I will never put anymore trust in McFadden. He is the Miles Austin of RB's. All flash and no substance.

FFS Moderator
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Post Date: 06/15/14 21:25
I love both West and Tate, so this marriage sucks for me. Tate has top 5-10RB appeal, and West is ultra-talented, so much so that if Tate gets banged up for a bit, West may run away with the job. West was my No. 2 ranked rookie well before the draft, and now that he has a decent home in most people's eyes (given most think Tate is super injury-prone), West is seeing all kinds of love.

If I had to roll with one, I'd go Tate, at least for 2014, but dynasty wise, West might have more appeal. No matter what, though, redraft or dynasty/keeper, I ensure I get both runners if I want to go that route. Both feel secure.

MJD over McFadden - for now. That could change quick, as both backs could disappoint or both could have a good year if healthy. McFadden's inability to stay on the field has me thinking MJD, although, this could be his last decent season.

Khiry Robinson all the way!
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Post Date: 07/02/14 06:57
With rumors of punt and kick return duties being done by both McFadden and MJD the likelyhood of both of them getting broken early is huge. Which means someone like L. Murray may be the name to watch for the silver and black.
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Current Draft Calc Mod
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Post Date: 07/08/14 07:27
There is a reason why it's called the "The black hole" as fantasy goes I wouldn't touch anyone on this team. This organization has been a joke with their personnel decisions. The Raiders should be the sponsors for everything that is made up by instant powder since they can't wait long enough for anyone to develop from player to coaching. That being said give me West all Day on a team that has no Drew Bree's.
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