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Topic: Draft Analyzer Results
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Joined: September 08
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Post Date: 07/07/14 14:32
I was running results of a non PPR league throught the draft analyzer. The WR return was AJ, Calvin, Dez, Julio and D Thomas. I was a little surprised at the results. Is AJ really the top WR with the Bengals wanting to run the ball a lot more.

Thansk and good luck to everyone this year.
James The Mod_4852
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Post Date: 07/07/14 16:55
I just ran my DA on my standard league and AJ is coming in at # 2 receiver to pick.

It has the top # 5 listed:





D. Thomas

There is no way I take AJ over Megatron and Bryant. But if you are looking at consistency, then AJ is your man.

They are all in tier # 1 though. So it's just splitting hairs.

Julio would not be in my top # 5 due to his injury issues. He has broken the same foot the last two out of three years. Big warning sign on him for this season.

You can make an argument for Bryant over Johnson this year except you have to factor in Romo's injury. Has it completely healed?

Some of these questions might have AJ listed so high...

FFS Moderator
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Post Date: 07/08/14 06:55
If this was for a redraft then yeah Calvin is the top WR but in dynasty he falls because of his age. Julio foot does not bother me but I said the same thing about Gordon last year and look what happen there. Lol
 Niner Flower Power_6
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Post Date: 07/08/14 19:56
Interesting to see the match ups and strength of schedule those guys are up against. Early in the season and those guys value will change soon. Welcome Swampies!
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Post Date: 07/09/14 09:42
Yeah I would still have Green after Johnson. But as James say, all top tier.

I won't have Jones in my top 5. Top 10, but not top 5. Too much concern there, to put in my top 5 and certainly not in the 1st round. A beast when he is healthy, so big risk reward. Though D.Thomas and Marshall are ahead of him for me.
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