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Topic: Need Keeper help I cant decide
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Joined: July 07
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Post Date: 07/26/07 16:58
Hi, I am in a 12 team 5 keeper league. I have to determine 5 keepers for the upcoming
season. I got 4 sure things but cannot decide on the 5th. LT, Sjax, Palmer and Fitzgerald
are no brainers but who to choose as the 5th. Portis, Brandon Jacobs, Driver, or
V Davis. we can start 2 RBs and 2 WRs and a flex at RB or WR. WR and TE get 1 ppr.
scoring is 1 point every 25 yards, 5 point bonus at 100 nad 6 point tds, tes get
bonus at 50 yards. I finished 2nd last season so I will have the 11th pick and 2nd
pick in round 2.
James The Mod_4852
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Post Date: 07/26/07 17:20
You have to keep Jacobs. You need insurance at RB if you have an injury.

FFS Moderator
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Post Date: 07/26/07 18:21
i also think jacobs is best fit, it will allow you to draft depth at receiver and youll probably have better choice then driver or at least get him back
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 Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 07/28/07 07:03
I agree with James and bj, Jacobs is my pick. This gives you 2 elite starting RB's and a possible great RB for your #3. With those 5, you have a GREAT core to build your team around.
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Post Date: 07/28/07 12:19
jacobs as well
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Post Date: 07/30/07 15:57
I say Portis.....Yeah hes been hurt but if hes on , hes on. Jacobs scores TDs but Im not sure how hes gonna be with the full load
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Joined: July 07
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Post Date: 08/03/07 15:23
Just to relive this post.....What are the opinions on keeping 4 RBs. Keep in mind the WRs and TE's get 1 PPR. So I would be letting Fitzy go back in to the draft. This was mentioned to me by a couple people. I can start 2 RB and 2 WRs and a flex at RB or WR. So I would always have 3 starting RBs. but that 1 PPR jumps WRs up a bit dont it
Membership: Trial
Joined: July 07
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Post Date: 08/03/07 16:43
well looks like most keepers are in and I have made educated guesses on the rest. this is based on me keeping 1 Qb, 2 RBs and 2 WRs....the best Rbs available will be

T Henry
B Jacobs
A Green
B Jackson
A Peterson
Fred Taylor
K Jones

That said I did a first round mock and it looks like 4 or 5 RBs will go before my 1st pick. So can I get teh same quality back at Rb if I let Portis and Jacobs go...I think Portis might make it back....guys in league have soured on him but who knows

at Wr the best available will be

R Browns
Calvin Johnson
S Moss

if I drop Driver i am looking at one of these guys and I see maybe 6 WRs going before my 1st pick....

so does that help anyone... V Davis I can get with my 2nd pick almost positive...if not i will settle for Whitten or LJ
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