Fantasy Football Playoffs Starting Advice (12/08/10) Russ Bliss gives his fantasy football tips on how to make your starting lineup decisions during the all too critical fantasy playoffs

Fun Reading-Fantasy Football & the male Ego (posted 7/1/09) Mr. IDP himself (Robert) shares with our members the pain of not sticking to your fantasy football draft strategy.

Injury Reports for each week of the Playoffs. We've got the NFL Injury Report for each round of the playoffs thru Super Bowl 46

REVISED Power Analyzer Playoffs Predictions (1/13/12): The Wild Card weekend didn't go exactly as predicted and each week along with updating the player statistical predictions, the game predictions are also updated. See the revised Power Analyzer NFL playoffs predictions and see the changes in who it now projects going to the Super Bowl.

Playoffs and Super Bowl 46 Predictions by Russ Bliss (1/6/12): After going thru the Power Analyzer predictions for the playoffs and Super Bowl, our NFL/Fantasy Analyst Russ Bliss went over it in his own mind and came up with a lsightly different version of how things will go. Check out Russ's playoffs and Super Bowl 46 predictions now!

Power Analyzer Playoffs Predictions (1/5/12): Our fantasy football Power Analyzer software program turns it's algorithm towards the NFL playoffs and has projected all the stats for every player and come up with the winners of each playoff game all the way thru Super Bowl 46. Russ Bliss provides commentary on our Analyzer software's playoffs predictions and what it sees happening in each game

Fantasy Playoffs Passing/Receiving Matchups! (11/9/11) Just like with the RB's, Russ has broken it down again for you in 2011. Which QB's, WR's, and TE's have the best passing/receiving matchups during your fantasy playoffs weeks? Looking at weeks 14-16 (and again showing weeks 13 and 17 too) Russ has posted the information you need to know to put yourself in position to bring home the Championship!

Fantasy Playoffs Rushing Matchups! (11/9/11) Looking for what players and teams have the best rushing matchups during your fantasy playoffs weeks? Russ Bliss has broken it down again this season and puts you in the know of each team's rankings weeks 14-16 (plus showing the matchups for weeks 13 and 17 as well).

2011 Fantasy Points Allowed per Game Defensive Rankings: starting in week 3 and updated each week thereafter all the way thru the end of the 2011 regular season, we'll have the updated fantasy points allowed per game rankings for both rushing and receiving for all 32 NFL defenses.

Fantasy Football News and Notes! Updated every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, this where you'll find the news and notes Russ reads on his fantasy football radio show. So if you miss the radio program, you can at least always check out the written version of Russ's fantasy football news and notes.

2011 NFL Season and Playoff Predictions! (9/8/11): Russ is back at it with how he sees each division shake out, who the playoff teams will this season, and who will eventually come away as the 2011 season's Super Bowl champion. It's all in his 2011 NFL Season Predictions

AFC West Team by Team Positional Preview (9/1/11): Wondering what's up with Ryan Mathews and Mike Tolbert? How about Knowshon Moreno and Brandon Lloyd? Do any of the QB's besides Phillip Rivers have any fantasy upside? Russ Bliss looks at the AFC West in his 2011 Divisional Preview

Fantasy Football Strength of Schedule Matchups (8/30/11): Using the Fantasy Points allowed Per Game formula, you can see how each team's defense ranked against the run at the end of the 2010 season. We also have the chart for figuring QB, WR, and TE matchups in the receiving fantasy points allowed per game totals from 2010. Bonus! The Fantasy Points allowed Per Game formula explained

AFC South Team by Team Positional Preview (8/26/11): There's a lot of fantasy talent in the AFC South as Russ noticed going thru his 2011 AFC South Division preview. Check out his thoughts on each team and each position.

AFC North Team by Team Positional Preview (8/19/11): Next up is Russ's look at the 2011 AFC North Division preview going team by team and position by position with an eye on fantasy football analysis.

AFC East Team by Team Positional Preview (8/16/11): In the first installment of a series of divisional previews, Russ previews each team in the AFC East for 2011 and gives a position by position breakdown for what to look for and expect with an eye on fantasy relevance.

Fantasy Football IDP Rankings! (8/8/11) Our IDP Guru Robert Kirlin has completed his IDP positional rankings. Check out his

2011 IDP Rankings for Defensive Linemen

2011 IDP Rankings for Linebackers

2011 IDP Rankings for Defensive Backs

5 Quarterback Situations to Avoid in 2011 Fantasy Drafts (8/5/11): Every year there are teams whose QB sitaution is awful for fantasy prospects. Russ looks at the 5 worst QB situations for 2011 owners should avoid in fantasy football drafts.

NFL Free Agency and Trades Impact on Fantasy Football (8/1/11): Thanks to the lockout months of free agent and trade activity is being condensed into a couple of weeks. Russ Bliss looks at the impact these trades and free agent moves are having on fantasy football in 2011. 

The Latest on the NFL Lockout (7/12/11): It's looking like July 15th will come and go without a deal, but there is renewed optimism that a deal is near and a new timeline for an expected agreement takes shape.

2011 Rookie Sleepers (7/4/11): There are some rookies everyone has already designated for fantasy greatness, but in his 2011 Rookie Fantasy Football Sleepers article, Russ identifies 3 players, 1 each at QB, RB, and WR who aren't getting as much publicity for their potential both in 2011 and beyond.

2011 Top 10 Tight End Rankings! (7/1/11): Antonio Gates at #1 on Russ list of the 2011 top 10 fantasy TE's will surprise no one, but who he has at #2 might! Check it out along with Russ's explanation of the rankings and his initial tiers for the top 10 TE's.

2011 Top 10 WR Rankings! (6/22/11): Russ lists his top 10 fantasy football WR's for 2011 in his latest article. You may surprised at a couple of the names on it, and a couple he left off.

2011 Top 10 RB Rankings! (6/10/11): Russ unveils his top 10 fantasy football running back rankings for 2011 and you might be surprised who is on, and who is not on the list. A MUST read.

Fantasy Experts Mock Draft Complete! (6/3/11): The draft is over and Russ goes pick by pick over his selections and what his thinking was. Good stuff for those wanting to know what to expect in their upcoming fantasy football drafts!

Fantasy Football Experts Mock Draft Update (5-31-11): Russ is taking part in a fantasy experts mock draft consisting of 12 teams, 16 rounds, and the results have been illuminating. You can check out rounds 1-4 in his fantasy football blog, but rounds 5-12 are all in Russ's latest article about the fantasy experts mock draft.

LeGarrette Blount vs. Shonn Greene (5/17/11): Russ Bliss looks at these 2 RB's and answers the question of which one you will have the better season in 2011.

*SPECIAL* Arizona Cardinals Draft Thoughts (5/15/11): FFS Fantasy Football Analyst Dana Valentine is as big a Cardinals fan as you will find anywhere. He breaks down the Arizona Cardinals 2011 NFL Draft and says they possibly got the steal of the draft with one of their picks.

*SPECIAL* St. Louis Rams Draft Thoughts (5/13/11): Russ Bliss is our token Rams fan here at FFS and he vents his disbelief and frustration at what he thinks was a draft filled with lost opportunities by his favorite NFL team.

*SPECIAL* San Diego Chargers Draft Thoughts (5/13/11): Our Chief Marketing Officer, Brady Chatfield, lives and breaths the Chargers, so what did he think about his team's NFL draft? Brady expresses his doubts about some of the picks and proves that even the CMO of FFS is well versed as a NFL analyst.

*SPECIAL* San Francisco 49ers Draft Thoughts (5/12/11): FFS President and CEO Jeff Coruccini is a big time 49ers fan and shares his thoughts on why he liked his favorite team's 2011 NFL Draft selections

2011 Quarterback Situations (5/8/11): There are 10 teams with significant questions about their QB situation heading into 2011 and the lockout is helping no one figure it out. Russ Bliss examines these 10 teams and what they're thinking is and whether their starter is currently on the roster

2011 NFL Draft Preview: Tight Ends (4/26/11): It's a weak TE class according to Russ Bliss in his last positional preview heading into the 2011 NFL Draft. Russ lists his top 5 prospects at the TE position with only 2 guys likely to be taken in the first 2 rounds this year.

2011 NFL Draft Preview: Wide Receivers (4/25/11): No one disputes who the top 2 WR's are in this draft class, but who else could become stars in the NFL? Russ likes North Carolina's Greg Little as the 3rd best and lists his other top 10 WR prospects in the 2011 NFL Draft.

2011 NFL Draft Preview: Running Backs (4/19/11): In a year without a true dominant player at the position, Russ looks at the top 10 RB prospects for the 2011 NFL Draft and says Illinois' Mikel Leshoure is the best of the bunch.

2011 NFL Draft Preview: Quarterbacks (4/18/11): Russ Bliss looks at the top 7 rookie QB's in this draft class and finds no "can't miss" prospect although many project to be taken in the first 2 rounds.

2011 Fantasy Football Rankings: Top 10 Quarterbacks (3/22/11): It may be early, but Russ says it's time to start creating initial fantasy rankings at each position and he starts with his top 10 Fantasy Quarterbacks in 2011.

Tampa Bay's Mike Williams vs. Philadelphia's Jeremy Maclin (3/19/11): Russ posted his thoughts on these two WR's in his blog. Now he looks at what the other fantasy analysts thought about which WR each would rather have.

Fantasy Analysts Sleeper RB Picks for 2011 (3/15/11): The latest from the roundtable discussion between several fantasy football analysts focused on sleeper RB's not currently in the top 25 RB's in average draft position. Not everyone could stay within this parameter, but Russ looks at each pick and gives his thoughts on the choices.

Sam Bradford vs. Josh Freeman (3/9/11): Russ recently took part in a roundtable discussion between several fantasy analysts giving their opinions on these two QB's looking at both Dynasty and Re-draft values of both. Check out what the other experts said and Russ's comments on each choice.

2011 Fantasy Football Sleeper Quarterbacks (3/3/11): Josh Freeman tops the list according to Russ Bliss. But he's not the only guy Russ has pegged as an early fantasy football sleeper QB.

2011 Fantasy Football Sleeper Running Backs (2/15/11): Wondering about which RB's not drafted in the first 3 rounds are the guys you should be paying attention to and targetting? Russ has 5 fantasy football sleeper RB's you need to know about

2011 Fantasy Football Sleeper Wide Receivers (2/1/11): Russ breaks out the crystal ball and looks at some of the early 2011 fantasy football sleeper wide receivers he's keeping an eye on already for the 2011 season.

Bounceback Player of the Year (2/28/11): Russ was invited to take part in a roundtable series of discussions with several fantasy websites and this was their first topic. Russ gave Shonn Greene as his pick for 2011, but who did the other analysts pick? Russ lists their choices and gives his thoughts on each.

2011 NFL Scouting Combine Preview: Quarterbacks (2/22/11): The combine is ready to rock and with an eye on the all-important Quarterback position, Russ looks at 5 future NFL rookie QB's looking to solidify their draft stock and what they need to accomplish in Indianapolis.

2011 NFL Scouting Combine: What to Watch For (2/11/11). 40 yard dashes, height and weight measurements, Wonderlic Tests and more are what to expect, but Russ explains what he's looking for when he watches the Scouting Combine.

Fantasy Focus: Head Coaching Changes. Russ Bliss gives his opinion on the fantasy football impact of the NFL Head Coaching changes that have happened this off-season heading into 2011.

Still Looking For a Fantasy Fix During the NFL Playoffs? 13 years ago our very own Russ Bliss created his own NFL fantasy playoffs league to prove both fantasy prowess picking players but also picking the games.

All I Want For Christmas is a Fantasy Championship. Russ Bliss writes to Santa Claus and asks for a fantasy championship for Christmas. He also adds some wishes for his partners here at