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Fantasy Football Rankings and Projections: This is the 2013 season home page for each of the Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End, and Kicker positional rankings by Russ Bliss. Updated throughout 2013 until August!

2013 Fantasy Football Running Backs Rankings (31-60) (7/18/13): If only you could get 5 of the top 30 RB's in every fantasy football draft, huh? Life would be good. But that's not the way the REAL fantasy world works so you need to know who to be targetting for your depth RB'

2013 Fantasy Football Running Backs Rankings (1-30) (7/13/13): Which RB's dropped from the top 10 from earlier in the year and who replaced them? Russ Bliss updates the list and actually goes over the top 30 fantasy RB's for 2013

2013 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings (7/9/13): Tom Brady 's stock is down, but not enough to knock him out of the top 10. Russ goes over the top 28 fantasy QB prospects and mercifully omits the QB situations from the Raiders, Jets, Jaguars, and Bills

2013 NFL Draft Preview: Tight Ends (4-23-13): The Tight Ends position is becoming increasingly more valuable both for the NFL and fantasy football. Do any of the rookies in this year's class have the ability to step in and provide fantasy prodction? Russ Bliss takes a look as he wraps up his 2013 NFL Draft preview series

2013 NFL Draft Preview: Wide Receivers (4-22-13): No longer does it take a couple of season for rookie WR's to make an impact in the NFL or in fantasy football. So who will step up immediately from the position and pay dividends? Russ Bliss lists the top 10 WR prospects from the 2013 NFL Draft

2013 NFL Draft Preview: Running Backs (4-18-13): Opinions vary on the RB's and who the best is, but fantasy owners are always looking to the rookie RB's to provide instant fantasy football help. Who are the top prospects in 2013? Russ Bliss examines.

2013 NFL Draft Preview: Quarterbacks (4-15-13): This quarterback class lacks any sure things according to Russ Bliss. And there are plenty of questions about each of them and whether any will succeed at the NFL level.

Top 10 Fantasy WR's for 2013 (2/19/13): Andre Johnson? Larry Fitzgerald? Nope. Neither one made the top 10 on Russ's early 2013 Fantasy Football Wide Receivers Rankings. That's a testament to how strong the position is in 2013. Everyone knows Megatron is #1, but Russ slips in a couple of sleepers on the list.

Top 10 Fantasy RB's for 2013 (1/30/13): On his early 2013 Fantasy Football Running Backs Rankings there are some names some might be looking for, but aren't there. See who made the list and who didn't. And there was even one player Russ found too good to leave off even though he didn't make the top 10.

Top 10 Fantasy QB's for 2013 (1/22/13): Making his initial 2013 Fantasy Football Quarterabcks Rankings, Russ was amazed at some of the great potential fantasy QB's that didn't crack his initial top 10 list for the position. Who made it and who didn't? Check it out!

2013 NFL Free Agent Lists (compiled 1/24/13): Broken down by position, the expected available 2013 NFL Free Agents List with rankings of the available players by Russ Bliss.

2013 NFL Free Agent Quarterbacks (1/24/13): It's a weak free agent class at Quarterback, but with so many teams looking for an experienced signal caller, the right situation could mean some value both for an NFL team, and a fantasy football owner.

2013 NFL Free Agent Running Backs (1/24/13): Some very intirguing names on this list of available RB's in 2013. A change of scenery for some of these players could breathe new life into their NFL careers and give fantasy owners a boost!

2013 NFL Free Agent Wide Receivers (1/24/13): A very top heavy list with a strong top 7, but many questions after that. A change of scenery for guys like Dwayne Bowe and Mike Wallace could be big for their 2013 fantasy football projections while a guy like Wes Welker may be best off staying put.

2013 NFL Free Agent Tight Ends (1/24/13): If Tony Gonzalez doesn't retire he'll be highy coveted as the top available free agent TE. If he does retire, there are still some solid available players to choose from for TE needy teams.

2013 NFL Free Agent Kickers (1/24/13): The least sexy position in fantasy football doesn't always mean the least valuable. A good kicker going from a weak offense to a strong one could turn around the fortunes of some while a good kicker going from a strong offense to a weak one for the payday could mean fantasy disappointment.

Final Super Bowl 47 Prediction (2/1/13): Our Analyzer software has crunched all the numbers and we offer up many of the projected stats for the players and a final prediction on who will win Super Bowl 47 between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens

Conference Championship Games and Super Bowl 47 Predictions (1/17/13): We are down to the final 4 teams and the updated simulations by our fantasy football software analyzer program have been run. Check out the updated predictions for this week and Super Bowl 47 and enjoy the narrative Russ has put on the numbers

Playoffs and Super Bowl 47 Predictions (1/5/13): Our Analyzer software tool has predicted every game's results all the way thru Super Bowl 47. How does it see the playoffs onfolding and who will win Super Bowl 47? See what the world's best software prognostication tool predicts!

Fantasy Playoffs Passing/Receiving Matchups! by Russ Bliss (11/13/12): Which passing games have the best matchups during weeks 14-16, the all-important fantasy playoffs weeks? Which ones have unfavorable schedules? All 32 teams are identified, and their matchups graphed out for you to see which QB's, WR's, and TE's have the best matchups, and which ones have the worst in Russ 2012 fantasy football rankings passing and receiving playoffs matchups! Know which QB's and WR's you should target in your trades as you prepare for your run at your Fantasy Championship!

Fantasy Playoffs Rushing Matchups! by Russ Bliss (11/13/12): Which RB's have the best matchups during weeks 14-16 and which one's have the worst matchups? Russ identifies all 32 teams and what their schedule vs. the run looks like in his 2012 fantasy football rankings rushing playoffs matchups! Make sure you know who to target in trades that could push you over the top in your quest for the Fantasy Championship in 2012!

2012 Fantasy Points Allowed per Game Defensive Rankings: starting in week 3 and updated each week thereafter all the way thru the end of the 2012 regular season, we'll have the updated fantasy points allowed per game rankings for both rushing and receiving for all 32 NFL defenses.

2012 Fantasy Football News and Notes! Updated every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, this is where you'll find the news and notes Russ reads on his fantasy football radio show. So if you miss the radio show, you can at least always check out the written version of Russ's fantasy football news and notes

The Grogan Verdict: Week 2 by Kelly Grogan (9/12/12): Kelly Grogan continues the popular series he and his brother Dan have made a staple for their subscribers. This version of the Grogan Verdict for week 2 is just a small portion of the full article. Championship Package members can find all of Dan and Kelly's written content via the Tools tab after logging in.

The Grogan Verdict: Week 1 by Dan Grogan (9/7/12): Dan Grogan brings back one of his popular features, The Grogan Verdict. Normally reserved for Premium members, we offer up The Grogan Verdict: Week 1 for all of our readers to check out and enjoy!

UPDATED Preseason Injury Report by Kelly Grogan (8/31/12): Preseason is in the books and Kelly keeps you in the know about all the injuries and their potential fantasy impact.

2012 Fantasy Draft Advice: Take a QB Early by Zack Cimini (8/29/12): Guest writer Zack Cimini examines the Quarterback position and says that with the recent upswing of points being scored by the position, you should really be taking a QB in round 1 of your fantasy drafts

2012 NFL Season and Playoffs Predictions by Russ Bliss (8/28/12): Though it's only preseason, Russ again puts on the prognistication cap and gives out his 2012 NFL season predictions including each teams finish, who the playoff teams will be, and who will win Super Bowl 47

Fantasy Football Stock Watch: by Kelly Grogan (8/23/12): A sample of the latest Fantasy Stock Watch reports Kelly provides to Championship Package members. We're showing you an example here of 6 of the 26 players Kelly tracks as risers and fallers in fantasy values for your 2012 fantasy football draft

Draft Day Decisions 2012: Quarterbacks and Tight Ends (8/17/12): Dan Grogan looks at a couple of players at the Quarterback and Tight End positions as he concludes his series of articles regarding important draft day decisions 

Training Camp and Preseason Injury Updates (UPDATED 8/15/12): Kelly Grogan has updated his NFL Training Camp Injury Reports with all the latest news and notes from this past week, including recent preseason game's actvities and surprises.

Draft Day Decisions 2012: Wide Receivers (8/7/12): Dan Grogan breaks out his crystal ball and breaks down 5 WR's you need to know about for your fantasy football drafts as only Dan knows how to

Training Camp Injury Reports (8/1/12): Kelly Grogan is keeping track of all the injuries you need to know about heading into your fantasy football drafts. Check out his NFL Training Camp Injury Reports and be in the know! Be sure to check back as Kelly will be updating these throughout training camps and the preseason.

Draft Day Decisions 2012: RB's Part 2 (8/1/12): The second of a 2 part series by Dan Grogan examining some of the key RB's in this year's fantasy drafts. Dan breaks down and gives his bottom line opinion on 4 more rushers in this fantasy football draft advice for RB's in part 2.

Is Drafting an Elite QB Worth It in 2012? (7/30/12): Using the Average Draft Position along with our fantasy football rankings and player projections here at STARTERS, Dan Grogan plays the "What If?" game on whether taking an elite QB in round 1 is a wise move for those who miss out on the big 3 stud RB's.

Fun Fantasy Football Quiz (7/30/12): Think you have impeccable knowledge of fantasy football? Prove it by taking Dan and Kelly Grogan's Fantasy Football Quiz for 2012! Answer 25 questions about the 2011 NFL season and see how you do. 

Draft Day Decisions 2012: RB's (7/25/12): Dan Grogan examines five RB's who could make or break your fantasy team. This is Part 1 of his fantasy football draft advice for the RB position, with part 2 coming out shortly

IDP Rankings: Top 50 DB's (7/24/12): In the last of his 3 part series regarding IDP's, Our IDP Guru Robert Kirlin lists his 2012 top 50 DB's for IDP leagues

IDP Rankings: Top 50 LB's (7/23/12): Robert Kirlin has vast experience in IDP leagues and ranks his 2012 top 50 LB's for IDP leagues again for STARTERS members

IDP Rankings: Top 50 DL (7/22/12): Our IDP Guru Robert Kirlin provides his top 50 DL for IDP leagues again for STARTERS members who play in IDP leagues

Fantasy Draft Strategies Chat Room Discussion (7/19/12): A transcript of the chat room discussion between Dan Grogan, Kelly Grogan, Russ Bliss, and our members in which our experts tackle 3 hot questions pertaining to fantasy football draft strategies for the first round

2012 Fantasy Football Sleeper Quarterbacks (7/16/12): Not everyone can draft one of the sure elite QB's in their fantasy drafts, but in this 2012 fantasy sleeper QB's article Russ Bliss identifies 4 players whose average draft position is below what their capabilities are for the 2012 season

2012 Fantasy Football Sleeper Running Backs (7/12/12): If you prefer to wait on selecting a RB in your fantasy drafts, there's plenty of good value to be found after the first 5 rounds according to Russ Bliss. He looks at several fantasy football sleeper RB's for 2012 that are being selected in the middle rounds of current fantasy drafts

2012 Fantasy Football Sleepers: Wide Receivers (6/20/12): Using the stat projections of the STARTERS Draft Analyzer and comparing them to the current ADP (Average Draft Position) range in fantasy drafts, our Russ Bliss identifies 3 value players as fantasy football sleepers at the wide receiver position in 2012

2012 Top 10 Fantasy Quarterbacks (6/19/12): Finishing out his look at each position's top 10 fantasy players according to a general scoring system within the STARTERS Draft Analyzer, Russ shares his thoughts on the results of these top 10 fantasy football QB rankings

2012 Top 10 Fantasy Running Backs (6/15/12): Russ looks at the STARTERS Draft Analyzer Top 10 Fantasy RB's for 2012 and says there's no surprises in the top 7, but after that, any number of guys could fill out the 8-10 spots and you may be a little surprised at who made it.

The Value Play: Choosing Between Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III in Fantasy Drafts (6/12/12): In an exclusive article for FFS, Jonathan Bales of TheDCTimes.com looks at the top two rookie quarterbacks from the 2012 draft class and compares the fantasy football prospects of Luck and RG3 going forward

Following His Year-Long Rehab, Does Peyton Manning Have His Game Back? (6/11/12): Special guest writer Michael Sturman provides an update on how Peyton Manning's rehab is coming along and how he is fitting in with his new team, the Denver Broncos.

2012 Top 10 Fantasy Wide Receivers (6/7/12): Calvin Johnson is #1 and Marques Colston ranks #10, but who are the 8 guys in between? Check out what Russ think about the top 10 fantasy WR's for 2012 according to the STARTERS Draft Analyzer.

2012 Top 10 Fantasy Tight Ends (6/6/12): The STARTERS Draft Analyzer has run the initial simulations for the 2012 fantasy season and Russ Bliss reveals which players made the top 10 fantasy TE's for 2012 in a standard scoring system

2012 NFL Draft 1st Round Review (4/29/12): The first round was wild and our Russ Bliss examines each pick and gives his thoughts on those critical first day picks in his 1st round 2012 NFL draft review

2012 NFL Draft Preview: Running Backs (4/24/12): Trent Richardson is the only stud in the class, but who are the other 9 RB's who make up the top 10 in this draft class? Russ examines them in his 2012 NFL RB's Draft Preview and discusses the type of potential fantasy impact they might make.

2012 NFL Draft Preview: Tight Ends (4/19/12): Coby Fleener is the best prospect from a weak class of Tight Ends this year according to Russ Bliss in his 2012 TE's Draft Preview where he lists the top 5 prospects at the position.

2012 NFL Draft Preview: Quarterbacks (4/18/12): The NFL Draft is fast approaching and our Russ Bliss looks at the top 6 quarterback prospects in the 2012 NFL Draft

Free Agent Quarterback Signings (3/19/12): Free agency has been a flurry of activity and Russ looks at all the free agent quarterback signings and what he thinks of them

2012 NFL Scouting Combine (2/23/12): With the Super Bowl fading into memory, what do fantasy football enthusiasts turn to? The NFL Scouting Combine! Russ Bliss offers up what it is, what to expect, and what he'll be looking at in the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine: What to Watch for article

Top Free Agent Quarterbacks (2/21/12): Russ looks at the free agent QB list and comments on the top 8. Read what he thinks about the 2012 Top Free Agent Quarterbacks

Early 2012 Fantasy Football Rankings: Quarterbacks (2/9/12): Super Bowl memories are still prominent in many minds, but it's never too early to look ahead to the 2012 fantasy season and Russ lists the top 10 fantasy football quarterback rankings for the upcoming fantasy season

2012 Free Agents Lists (2/7/12): As complete and comprehensive a list of the 2012 NFL Free Agents broken down by the important fantasy football positions you'll find anywhere. Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Wide Receivers, Tight Ends, and Kickers all listed and ranked along with their free agent designation. 

Peyton Manning: What if the Colts release him? (1/20/12): The biggest question heading into the off-season is what will happen with Peyton Manning in Indianapolis? Russ looks at the possibility of a healthy Peyton Manning being released by the Colts and lists the 6 best places for Peyton Manning to land if the scenario plays out.

I Want To Be A Fantasy Expert! Really? Russ Bliss has some advice on what you need to be a fantasy football expert and why you should be very careful what you wish for!

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2008 NFL Pre-Draft Wide Receiver Rankings (posted 4/22/08)
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2008 NFL Pre-Draft Running Back Rankings (posted 4/15/08)
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2008 Off Season Fantasy Football Advice for IDP Rankings - (posted 1/21/08)
For the casual fan this past season may be over, but if like me you’re already craving 2008 fantasy football projections, here are some off season tips to prepare for next season. The first bit of advice concerns IDP, or Individual Defensive Players. Read more.

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2007 NFL Fantasy Football Training Camp Preview - AFC (posted 7/27/07)
Russ provides a glimpse into the upcoming NFL traning camps and their fantasy implications. Read more.

2007 NFL Player Rankings: Rookie QBs (posted 5/24/07)
If you’re looking for some immediate fantasy football help at the quarterback position, you’re not likely to find it in the 2007 rookie class. Read more.

2007 NFL Player Rankings: Rookie RBs (posted 5/24/07)
Every year it’s a popular fantasy football strategy to go after rookie running backs. The 2007 NFL draft class offers up several intriguing players with high future upside, but only one who is a sure-fire feature RB. Read more.

2007 NFL Player Rankings: Rookie WRs (posted 5/24/07)
2007’s NFL Draft class boasts a bumper crop of wide receiver talent. Read more.

2007 NFL Player Rankings: Rookie TEs (posted 5/24/07)
Unlike the 2006 NFL Draft class at the TE position, 2007 offers few names with real possibility of ever being players you would consider in your fantasy football leagues. Read more.

2007 NFL Player Rankings: Rookie Kickers (posted 5/24/07)
Drafted rookie kickers stand about a 50/50 chance of making it in the NFL. Read more.

2007 NFL Draft Preview: Quarterbacks (posted 4-4-07)
This is a pretty good QB class boasting 2 players who could come in and start right away. Read more.

2007 NFL Draft Preview: Running Backs (posted 4-4-07)
If the 2006 NFL season is any indication of how rookie RBs are going to be used in coming years, this draft class holds promise of providing lots of help in 2007. Read more.

2007 NFL Draft Preview: Wide Receivers (posted 4-4-07)
There is one elite talent in this class, and several others who have the capability of providing immediate fantasy football help. Read more.

2007 NFL Draft Preview: Tight Ends/Kickers (posted 4-4-07)
There are only 2 TE’s and 1 K who really stand out as having the special talent to provide fantasy football help in 2007. Read more.

2007 Free Agents: Quarterbacks (posted 3-14-07)
To say the 2007 NFL free agent QB class lacks star power is an understatement. I thought the 2006 QB class was unspectacular, but this one is worse. That opinion said, there are some decent names this year. Read more.

2007 Free Agents: Running Backs (posted 3-14-07)
There certainly are a lot of RB’s this season who are free agents, and the list grew with the release of several players. And while there are many names, it isn’t as top heavy as the 2006 free agent class. Read more.

2007 Free Agents: Wide Receivers (posted 3-14-07)
While this list contains some names that definitely have talent, there really are no elite players in the 2007 free agent class at this position. Most of the guys listed are more in the mold of a complimentary WR than a true #1. Read more.

2007 Free Agents: Tight Ends (posted 3-14-07)
Unlike the crop of 2006 free agent TE’s, the free agent TE class of 2007 has some notable names on it. But let’s face it, there are rarely any really great TE’s in any free agent class as there is such a premium placed on those who have risen to the top. Read more.

2007 Free Agents: Kickers (posted 3-14-07)
Kicker is one of those free agent positions where no matter where you go, you stand a good chance of being just as good as you have been in the past. Read more.

The (WAY Early) 2007 Top 10 (posted 1-18-07)
We’re not even through the playoffs, and already I’m thinking about next season. In my opinion, it’s never too early to start thinking about the next year. See the (WAY Early) Top 10 Fantasy Quarterbacks and Top 10 Fantasy Running Backs for fantasy football 2007.

Draft Strategies and Tactics (posted 8-23-06)
Russ explains, in-depth, the two most popular (and successful) ways to approach a fantasy football draft. Tiers and Value Based Drafting. Which is best? Read more.

2006 Fantasy Football Player Rankings (updated 8-10-2006)
Russ breaks down the top fantasy football picks for 2006. Up first, Quarterbacks and Running Backs. Don't miss our complete 2006 fantasy football player rankings on: wide receivers, tight ends and kickers. No one else but Russ goes into this type of detail on dozens of players, all for FREE to registered users!

Fantasy Football 'Sleepers' Can Wake Up Your Roster (updated 7-3-06)
Every year during our fantasy football drafts, there are those players we feel we know we can count on to produce big numbers for our fantasy football leagues. But while these stud players at the top of the fantasy football rankings definitely help you win, it’s the guys you get in the middle to late rounds who play a pivotal role in winning a fantasy football championship. They are the guys who slide down through the rounds of your fantasy football draft, but who will likely exceed the expectations placed upon them by others in your league.

2006 NFL Rookie Fantasy Player Rankings (updated 5-23-06)
Which NFL QBs, WRs, RBs, TEs and Ks will have an immediate impact on fantasy football rosters? Which are worth picking up for their potential value down the road? Russ gives you the goods on 79 NFL rookies.

Complete 2006 NFL Draft Preview Pages (updated 4-26-06)
Russ takes a look at each of the teams in the AFC and NFC and provides in-depth analysis on what their needs will be on draft day.


NFL Draft: AFC East

NFL Draft: AFC North

NFL Draft: AFC South

NFL Draft: AFC West


NFL Draft: NFC East

NFL Draft: NFC North

NFL Draft: NFC South

NFL Draft: NFC West

Early NFL Free Agent Signings and Impacts (posted 3-14-06)
Well, it certainly didn’t take the NFL Free Agency period long to get into gear, did it? In only a matter of a few days, most of the biggest names have gotten contracts and although there are still several waiting, especially at the QB position, it’s likely that it will only be another couple of days before most of the remaining big names are signed as well. And we, as fantasy football fanatics, always have interest in how the signing to a new team will impact these players. Read more.

2006 NFL Free Agent Wide Receivers (posted 3-7-06)
This list certainly had more luster before Reggie Wayne re-signed with the Indianapolis Colts. Not that there aren't any good wide receivers in this NFL free agent class, but there is a definite lack of great ones. Read more.

2006 NFL Free Agent Tight Ends and Kickers (posted 3-7-06)
Believe it or not the available free agents at the kicker position are better than what's out there at tight end. It's a pretty good year to get a top of the line kicker, while the TE's lack any luster. Read more.

2006 NFL Free Agent Running Backs (posted 3-2-06)
There are some great running backs available in this years NFL free agent market. It's a great mix of a couple of top tier guys, with several guys a step below them, all of whom could get a chance to make either their existing NFL team, or a new team better. Read more.

2006 NFL Free Agent Quarterbacks (posted 3-2-06)
Unless there are some cuts made, this won't be a banner year for any teams looking to acquire a good signal caller in free agency. There are some serviceable names, but with the exception of a couple, most are going to be tagged only to compete for a backup spot, or signed as a veteran backup to a team looking for insurance against a young or inexperienced current starter. Read more.

Need a Fantasy Fix? All Hail the NFL Combine! (posted 2-15-06)
For those fantasy football players who are suffering from a need of something NFL-related to pass their time now that the Super Bowl is over, I have good news. In just a couple of weeks, the NFL Scouting Combine will take place in Indianapolis! Read more.

Where Do We Go From Here? (posted 1-20-06)
Another fantasy football season is over and the NFL playoffs are winding down. It's just a matter of time that the NFL, like all fantasy football leagues, have crowned a champion for this season. But astute fantasy football players know that there is work to be done in the off-season as well. Read more.

Wrapping Up Your Championship (posted 11-3-05)
Sure, you've drafted well, and you've started the right guys enough of the time to make you confident that you'll make your league's playoffs, but now is the time for you to take the final steps to bring that Championship dream to a reality. Now is the time to acquire the right players through trades or free agency. Read more.

The Law of Averages (posted 9-28-05)
With a 300 yard, 3 touchdown passing performance, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Daunte Culpepper in week 3 of the 2005 season showed exactly why fantasy owners shouldn’t abandon their studs just because of a poor start to the season. Simply put, it's the Law of Averages. Read more.

Auctions: A Popular Alternative to Drafts (posted 8-24-05)
Your league might not use the typical serpentine style draft, but rather an Auction where each player gets a limited number of fantasy "dollars" to spend on players. This article provides an overview of Auctions, tips on strategy, and how you can use the Draft Analyzer and Tiers in conjunction with an Auction. Read more.

3rd year Wide Receivers (posted 8-20-05)
If you’ve followed fantasy football over the years, you’ve probably heard about how wide receivers usually don’t reach their potential until their 3rd season. Some WRs buck that trend, but for the most part it’s held true. Javon Walker and Reggie Wayne were both 3rd year WRs last year. Read more.

Tier Rankings (updated 8-29-05)
The tier rankings (you can call them "cheats sheets") are a valuable tool for executing a successful draft. Assembled with the help of the Fantasy Football Starters "Draft Analyzer," the tier rankings break down each position QB, RB,WR, TE, K and D. Read more.

What it Takes To Win (posted 7-1-05)
Over the eight years I've been doing a fantasy football radio show, I'd have to say the most frequently asked question is what it takes to be a consistent winner in fantasy football. There are two factors in being a winner... Read more.

Rookie Rundown (posted 7-1-05)
Advice on this season's rookie quarterbacks, running backs, tight ends and kickers. Read more.

Russ Bliss is Fantasy Football Starters.com's exclusive fantasy football expert, a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association, and for 11 years has been the radio host of "The Red Zone, Talking Fantasy Football and the NFL," in Phoenix, Arizona.

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